Characteristics of Disposable Vape Device | Lykcan Belo

Disposable Vape Device

Finding a disposable vape that is truly worth your money can be quite struggling these days. Due to the presence of numerous disposable vapes in the market. Lykcan Belo is a great option to choose and start from. It has gained quick popularity among people because of its extremely impressive characteristics such as high-quality E-liquid, innovative packaging, etc.  So, it’s time to learn in brief about these features for a better idea about the products, if considering investing in them. Here, tried our best to assist you by proving the finest disposable vape option for you.

Characteristics that Make it Stand Out of Crowd

 If considering buying the Lykcan Belo, here is everything you need to know in advance. These are the characteristics that truly define the reasons behind the popularity of the products. So, have a read on them for a clear vision and the right decision-making.

  • Impressive Packaging 

You are going to love the packaging of the Lykcan Belo 6000. It completely comes in transparent packaging which allows you the opportunity to see the way the device looks. Plus, you can easily find all the related information about the product on the packaging. The current edition comes in many pastel colors, each one is unique in its way. You can easily keep them on your side always, as easily get fit in your bag and pocket. Its mouthpiece is narrowly designed therefore, inhalation becomes more easy and simple.

  • USB-C rechargeable battery

The Belo vapes come with a capacity of 12ml prefilled with a USB-C rechargeable battery which makes it more in demand among the people. You can say that these are rechargeable disposables vape, so able to revive it easily. So, be ready to enjoy every puff with intense hits and feel. It can offer 6000 puffs. The cable used for the recharging can’t be provided along with the product so you can use any spare cable available at home easily.

  • High-Quality E-liquid

The products are pre-filled with a 12 ml capacity with only 5% of nicotine strength which makes it the perfect dose of a fun experience. It won’t have the mess of filling, it just dropped at your doorstep already filled and sealed. The presence of premium coil will offer the production of high-quality flavor taste and cloud without any burnt taste in puffs.

  •  Unique Flavours

This Belo disposable vape has 10 flavors to choose from. So, when placing an order, you can easily choose the one that you think matches your taste. It ranges from the perfect combination of fruity and menthol aromas flavors such as Mint Chocolate, Apple Grape, Sparkling Cranberry, Lime Peaches, etc. You can start with anyone that you like the most, but after seeing how vaping works you want to try left-out flavors.

  • No complication

Along with these, this doesn’t ask for maintenance so you can have all the fun experiences related to vaping. If you never had vaping before then Lykcan Belo is surely a great option to start from. The other option is a waterproof vape pen. It uses is quite simple, just unwrap it and inhale your first puff without struggling with any on-off button.

These are some of the characteristics that make the Lykcan Belo differ from the other ones. You can experience and feel a very puff aroma and flavor. You can easily carry it all the time with you and enjoy the puffs whenever want to. It is ideal for those who are planning to quit smoking.


Lykcon Belo is a complete package of pre-filled 12 ml E-liquid with 5% nicotine. Apart from these, it has 10 flavors choices to choose from. So, go and check the collection of flavors they offer and choose the one that suits you.