‘Boycott Tesla’ Trends On Internet Post SpaceX Satellite’s Close Encounter With China’s Space Station



Billionaire Elon Musk, who became the World’s Richest Man in 2021, seems to have run into some trouble after his aerospace company SpaceX’s Starlink satellite reported two close encounters with China’s space station this year. And to make matters worse, China recently filed a formal complaint against the United States to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, it stated that the latter has been neglecting space treaty by engaging in dangerous space activities. To support their claim, China even highlighted their space station’s close encounters with SpaceX’s Starlink satellite in 2021.

While the race to dominate outer space and win the race to Mars between China and the United States continues to gain momentum, it looks like the former won’t stand back from taking a dig against their nation’s favourite Elon Musk as well. With the billionaire’s SpaceX operating nearly 2000 Starlink satellites in outer space, the recent complaint seems to have a huge impact on Musk’s popularity and Tesla’s market in China. Check out a few ‘boycott tesla’ tweets here:

Apart from notifying the US about the two close encounters, the complaint submitted by China also mentioned that their space station, Tiangong, was forced to manoeuvre in order to avoid collision with the satellite. “The U.S. claims to be a strong advocate for the concept of responsible behaviour in outer space, but it disregarded its treaty and posed a grave threat to the safety of astronauts,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a news conference earlier this week.

China has emerged as a series threat to the US supremacy in outer space in recent years, and with Beijing announcing their goal to dispatch a crew to Mars by 2033, a plan which could beat NASA’s deadline.

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