Best Internet Service Providers in the United States in 2022

Internet Service Providers

The internet industry has become flooded with service providers offering all kinds of crazy features. While some are offering value-adding equipment with their subscription, others are making it possible to enjoy mind-boggling speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps.

As a result, choosing the right internet service provider for your home or business can be somewhat difficult. Fortunately, we are here to assist you in your decisions. Discussed below are the most reliable internet service providers serving across the United States. Join us as we shed light on each of them:


First and foremost is Spectrum – an internet service subscribed by millions throughout the country. If your monthly internet data consumption is virtually unlimited, then this service provider will likely be for you. It offers you access to unlimited data plans and download speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps. However, since it consists of a hybrid fiber-coaxial network, you might not be able to enjoy the same upload speeds as your download speeds.


Next, let us tell you about Mediacom internet packages. If you are looking to subscribe to an internet service on a tight budget, this ISP is probably for you. You might not be able to enjoy unlimited data each month, but even the limited data that these packages offer is way more than sufficient.

The service provider offers blazing-fast internet speeds as high as up to 1000 Mbps. Moreover, Mediacom subscribers will also find access to dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots spread across 7 states in the country.


There rarely is a person in the world who has not heard the name AT&T. The service provider has grown to become a giant in the internet, TV, and phone industry. AT&T is already providing phenomenal internet and TV services across more than 20 U.S. states. The provider gives users  access to download speeds as high as 1 Gbps, depending on the service type they subscribe to.

Broadband, wireless, and fiber-optic connections are the most popular internet services provided by AT&T. Moreover, this service provider offers additional features such as a network of dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots, AT&T Smart Home Manager, Smart Wi-Fi, and numerous others for users’ convenience.


Xfinity has been providing cable and fiber-optic internet connections in the country for some time now. Those who are already subscribed to this service know that it can deliver download and upload speeds as high as up to 2000 Mbps.

The service also lets users enjoy unlimited data each month if they are willing to pay an additional small fee. Furthermore, the service hosts an enormous network of more than 20 million Xfinity hotspots all over the country that only Xfinity subscribers can access.


Cox is another internet service provider worth considering in the United States. This service provider also offers access to lightning-fast download speeds as high as up to 940 Mbps, though this access is restricted to certain regions. Perhaps the best thing about this service provider is that it enables you to customize your packages.

You will decide whether you want higher internet speeds or a bigger TV channel lineup, so you can only pay for the services you want. Thus, making this service unique from other ISPs in the country.


Cable and fiber-optic internet services are not the only reliable technologies for connectivity. If you are situated in a remote rural location of the country, accessing these technologies may be somewhat difficult. This is where internet services such as HughesNet come to play. HughesNet Internet is a satellite internet service that rids you of the need to depend on vast cable networks, giant infrastructures, and large transmission towers.

Instead, this service is primarily dependent on satellites orbiting in space that provide connectivity directly to your devices. However, this technology limits you to slower speeds when compared to other technologies and is affected significantly by harsh weather conditions.


If you are fed up with binding contracts or restricting monthly data allowances, then CenturyLink may be the internet service provider for you. The service takes pride in its claim of keeping the subscribers free from contracts and also offers unlimited without any overage fees.

If you are living in a home with multiple people, you will also find comfort in CenturyLink’s ability to connect multiple devices to the same network simultaneously, without affecting the network’s performance. Moreover, the Secure Wi-Fi features keep you and your loved ones safe from any threats lurking online.


Suddenlink takes care of all of its customers. For those who have a tight monthly budget, Suddenlink provides access to download speeds as low as 20 Mbps, which are still sufficient for everyday usage. And if the consumer happens to be a lavish spender, the service also hosts rich internet plans with download speeds as high as up to 1 Gig.

Gamers will find Suddenlink internet to be especially tempting. The internet service provided here is blazing-fast and can support long hours of online gaming and streaming. Furthermore, this internet service also lets you customize your packages, and thus only requires you to pay for what you are using.


Another internet service taking care of gamers across the country is Frontier internet. The service offers both DSL and fiber-optic internet connections that offer download speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps. Moreover, the service also lets you enjoy a powerful Mesh Wi-Fi system that is capable of keeping everyone connected in every corner of the home simultaneously.

The service provider also offers free activation and security for up to 10 connected devices on the same network. And since there is ample bandwidth in the packages offered here, you won’t need to suffer through poor network performance every time there are multiple users on the network.

On a Final Note

There are several other internet service providers in the country as well. Service providers like Astound Broadband (Powered by RCN), Windstream, and EarthLink are also worth looking into. However, the internet service providers mentioned above are more than capable of handling even the heaviest of internet needs.