Audi Is Catering To Racing Fans With The RS 6 Avant GT



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    If somebody told you that a station wagon can be modified into a serious racing platform, would you believe them?

    These days, there are plenty of aftermarket shops that can handle these types of tasks. Occasionally, some marques produce official race-ready builds, but in extremely limited numbers. If you’re interested in acquiring one, Audi is offering RS 6 Avant GT.

    Among German car companies, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are the most prominent names in the motorsport scene.

    Their AMG and M racing divisions are responsible for a steady release schedule of high-performance trim packages for existing models. The release of the RS 6 Avant GT is a reminder that there’s another serious contender to consider.

    This four-door family car has been upgraded with all the bells and whistles an adrenaline junkie could ever want. As we stated before, this special edition is limited to 660 examples globally.

    You can bet all units will be spoken in a short period, so interested buyers shouldn’t dally. Deliveries are slated for the second half of this year.

    It’s outfitted with a twin-turbo V8 mill tuned to produce over 600 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque.

    Audi points out that the RS 6 Avant GT can complete a zero to 62-mph sprint in 3.3 seconds. Furthermore, testing shows a top speed of 190 mph, an impressive achievement given the donor vehicle was originally meant for casual drives. 

    Audi tells us the RS 6 Avant GT was a project inspired by its 1989 Quattro IMSA GTO racer and 2020 RS 6 GTO concept. Other tweaks indicated include side skirt inserts, carbon fiber components, integrated air outlets behind its 22″ six-spoke wheels, and an exclusive paint job. Estimated pricing should be around $236,000.


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