Arkansas Department of Education Names Curriculum Associates’ Magnetic Reading™ Foundations an Approved English Language Arts Foundational Skills Program for Grades K–2



NORTH BILLERICA, Mass.—The Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) recently named Curriculum Associates’ Magnetic Reading Foundations to its list of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) for foundational skills in English language arts. Now, districts across the state can use the instructional program, which is rooted in the Science of Reading, to help teachers in Grades K–2 deliver explicit instructional routines and a systematic scope and sequence that helps students become confident readers.

“Arkansas DESE’s review of instructional materials provides teachers with access to the highest-quality resources available and underscores the state’s commitment to the overarching success of its teachers and students alike,” said Elizabeth Bassford, associate vice president of content and implementation at Curriculum Associates. “Being named to the Arkansas DESE list of HQIM reinforces the power of Magnetic Reading Foundations in helping students develop the skills they need to excel in reading. Schools and districts in Arkansas can now confidently use our program—alongside our online i-Ready® program—to meet all their Grades K–2 reading assessment, instruction, and curriculum needs.”

The Arkansas DESE review of instructional materials is conducted in partnership with EdReports, an independent nonprofit that conducts evidence-based reviews of instructional materials. The Arkansas DESE requires that all K–2 Literacy Curriculum Programs first advance through EdReports’ review process and then meet Arkansas-specific criteria.

According to the DESE website, all HQIM—across subject areas and grade levels—are curriculum materials aligned to state academic standards that include evidence-based strategies, inclusive practices, and embedded support for teachers. Additionally, high-quality materials consider the needs and experiences of diverse learners.

Magnetic Reading Foundations helps students acquire the phonological awareness, fluency, phonics, and high-frequency word skills needed for reading success. It does so by providing high-interest fiction and nonfiction decodable texts that cover a range of topics, including animals and the atmosphere, to engage students and help them make real-world connections. All the age-appropriate learning opportunities and grade-level materials are specifically designed to help ensure all students have access to the right content at the right time.

In addition to the research-based routines, the program provides ample time for students to practice and apply the skills they are learning in whole class or small group settings as well as to participate in regular formative assessments that provide the data needed to help drive teachers’ differentiation decisions throughout the learning process. Built upon the Science of Reading research and inclusive of all abilities and linguistic backgrounds, this program draws all students to the center of learning to help them confidently access relevant grade-level content.

Professional development resources such as helpful tips and strategies are embedded into the program to support teachers as they take a Science of Reading approach to foundational reading skills.

In addition to Magnetic Reading Foundations, Curriculum Associates’ award-winning i-Ready program is approved by Arkansas DESE across supplemental, Grades K–8 diagnostic, and intervention categories.

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