Apple’s ForcedEntry Void Is Still Open; Another Israeli Spy Firm Exploits It



Breaching into Apple’s faults and exploiting, another Israeli-based company used a vulnerability in Apple’s security to hack into iPhones.

According to five people familiar with the situation, Quadream and the NSO Group both obtained the ability last year, at the same time, allowing the two businesses to break into iPhones without the user having to click any links.

Reportedly, Citizen Lab’s so-called “zero-click” capabilities looked to be “on par” with NSO’s, as per Bill Marczak, a security researcher with the business. NSO and Quadream’s attacks were similar.

Another three individuals suggest that since the company exploited many of the same vulnerabilities deep inside Apple’s instant messaging infrastructure and utilized a similar method to install malicious software on targeted devices to obtain unauthorized access to data.

However, the other two people familiar with the situation state that the vulnerabilities were sufficiently close that when Apple corrected the fundamental issues in September 2021, it made both NSO and Quadream’s software unusable. Apple’s spokesman declined to comment on Quadream or indicate if the business would face any legal action. The NSO “did not collaborate” with Quadream, according to an NSO spokeswoman, but “the cyber intelligence sector continues to develop fast internationally.”

Previously, Apple sued NSO Group in November, alleging that NSO had breached Apple’s user terms and services agreement by targeting Apple’s device users.

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The National Security Organization (NSO) has denied any misconduct. NSO claims that it only sells its Pegasus software to governments to combat crime and terrorism and that all sales are subject to Defense Ministry approval.

NSO claims it has no control over how a client uses the product and no access to the data they acquire, even though it claims to have measures in place to avoid misuse. It claims that the improper use of Pegasus has resulted in the termination of some contracts.

In recent years, the corporation has been embroiled in a slew of scandals and has received a barrage of worldwide condemnation over suspicions that it aids governments, especially dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, in spying on dissidents and human rights campaigners. Although serving some of the same government clients as NSO, Quadream has kept a low profile.

A person acquainted with the organization claims that it does not have a website promoting its services, and staff has been warned not to mention their employment on social media.

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