Apple Is Looking To Solve This Critical Security Issue On Its Safari Browser



Online privacy isn’t simply something to hope for; it’s something to anticipate. Safari has industry-leading privacy protection features, such as Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which detects trackers and helps prevent them from profiling or tracking you around the web.

For Apple devices, Safari is the greatest browser to access the Internet. It offers a wide range of personalization options, strong privacy protections, and industry-leading battery life, allowing you to surf how and when you choose. It’s also the world’s quickest browser in terms of speed.

However, Safari has a significant weakness that allows websites to view your full browser history, including your Google ID, according to researchers. All major Apple platforms are affected, including iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey.

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The problem has been identified, and the company is working on a solution. Moreover, the issue stems from the IndexedDB API, which is used by almost all online browsers.

It’s a client-side data storage system that’s designed to provide websites access to only their own data. The “same-origin policy” is the term for this.

The Safari flaw, on the other hand, allows websites to read all of your browser data, potentially revealing your identity. You can either use a different browser or deactivate JavaScript for websites you don’t trust until Apple fixes the bug.


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