Anti-vaxxer asks why ‘homeless people’ aren’t ‘dead in the street’ and gets the best answer ever


I give you:



There is something poetic about an unhoused man pointing out the raging hypocrisy and no-sense logical fallacies of a few people pretending to acknowledge the unhoused, who also have no interest in the welfare of the unhoused, but also would like you to believe they care about the welfare of the country.

As someone else pointed out, Los Angeles County may have a higher rate of vaccinated unhoused folks than Republicans.

The Department of Health Services’ Housing for Health teams have achieved an average 75 percent success rate in giving persons experiencing homelessness their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, using a multi-faceted strategy of education, encouragement and follow-up.

That was in April and does not include the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine. Most breakdowns of vaccination rates in the United States have white Republicans at the low end of the spectrum. Add to that the failed recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, which showed that counties with higher vaccination rates voted against the radical right-wing ploy to do away with science.

But there were some thoughtful responses to the unthoughtful person portrayed in the video above.


And then some interesting ideas on justice and merit.


And then watch out! Someone let a commie in!


That pinko must be talking about this.

No way you’re getting my money George Soros! (Soros is probably involved in some way, right?)

And for some reason this response always gets me. But let’s not gloat.

Maybe a little more gloating. It’s cathartic.

And finally.

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