Andy thinks that ‘they’ will make billions if he vaccinates, so he doesn’t




If we want to take this analogy to its logical conclusion, would you rather have someone fart in your face while wearing underwear, or buck-naked? 

It doesn’t take a genius to determine which one will spray you with more, er, particulate matter.


This guy doesn’t deny COVID-19, he thinks it’s a “fantastic wake-up call.” Wake-up call for what? For “immorality” as he defines it, including witchcraft. (And you wondered why witch trials ever happened.)

Given how COVID-19 is doing such a number with this evangelical crowd, perhaps they’ve misjudged who is supposed to get the wake-up call. 


This is a popular meme. We’ve seen it several times. And I still don’t quite understand why they think a vaccine pass to protect patrons of indoor businesses is “very bad.” I think it’s f’n fantastic. I love that my hometown requires them too. I love going out to restaurants knowing absolutely everyone around me has vaccinated. (Of course, I live in a town with 86% vaccination rates ages 12+, so I’m already a little spoiled in my little liberal bubble.)


Never. I’ve never had that happen to me. 

If it’s the flu, and you’re having a rough go of it, they may give you an IV drip to rehydrate you, and drugs to make you feel more comfortable. Same with Ebola. If it’s AIDS, there’s a whole treatment protocol that has virtually eliminated a fatal prognosis. There are drugs that treat hepatitis. Etc. 

There is even a treatment protocol for COVID-19, which these people should know since they always run to the hospital demanding to be bailed out of their own negligence. 


This meme is the reason I used this story today. It’s the best attempt I’ve seen to explain their bizarre anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine “logic” I’ve seen. Now I’ve read it again, and again! And it still doesn’t make sense. But it is an attempt at logic.

So ultimately, “they” need to establish “totalitarian control” in order to make BILLIONS. Really, the wealthy elites were doing just fine before the pandemic—not sure why anything was necessary beyond good ol’ fashioned American capitalism to take care of gross wealth inequality. There is certainly no need for digital passports. We all carry IDs with us, and pretty soon Real IDs. Our phones and even browsers track us. And cameras with facial recognition record us in the real world. COVID-19 was unnecessary to make that happen. 


George Washington inoculated the Continental Army against smallpox.


Imagine telling everyone to fuck off, then two weeks later, begging for prayers. 


If the goal is for “them” to make BILLIONS, creating a virus that kills off hundreds of thousands really … isn’t the best way to do it. Not to mention, coordinating with the Chinese and Italians to kill off tens of thousands of their citizens before bringing the virus to our shores seems a little … extra. There are more efficient ways to make billions. Apple, for example, was raking in those BILLIONS before the virus emerged, and is now a multiTRILLION dollar company. 

“They” were doing just fine. Those of us who vaccinated are doing okay, better. Not great! Seeing the pandemic extended because of the selfishness and idiocy of the anti-vaxxer crowd is frustrating. But we soldier on, wearing our masks in high-risk situations and generally mitigating the very real risks. “They” are certainly vaccinated. You know Donald Trump has taken like, five booster shots by now. 

But these people refusing to take the vaccine? They are not doing fine. Entire families and communities are burning up with virus, all because they’ve fallen for a self-destructive ideology that is leading them off a ledge.


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