Android Users Will Get Less Discounts As Apple Lowers The Trade-in Value Of Android Phones



Apple has been urging people to upgrade to the iPhone 13 range, but it does not believe Android phones are worth much, even when traded in for a new iPhone. Apple has decreased the maximum dollar amounts customers may receive when exchanging in several Android handsets for an iPhone.

Apple also changed the value of trade-ins for some iPad and Mac models. Apple has adjusted the estimated trade-in value for those who wish to trade in their Android phones for a brand-new iPhone, according to MacRumors.

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Previously, you could obtain a $545 discount at Apple Store, but now you can only get a $405 discount. The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G now has a trade-in value of $260 (it was previously $325), while the Galaxy S21+ 5G now has a value of $325 (it was previously $435). The trade-in values for the Pixel 3a, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+, however, have remained steady at $50, $50, and $60, respectively.

One point worth noticing is that Apple displays the highest value that may be obtained after exchanging phones. This value, however, is subject to change depending on the condition of the phone. The Cupertino company has reduced trade-in discounts for Macbooks and iPads in addition to Android cellphones. If you trade in a Macbook Pro, you’ll get US$1415 instead of the typical US$1630. Similarly, if you trade in an iPad Air, you’ll get a discount of around US$335 instead of US$345.

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