An Essential Overview On Data Mapping & Its Types

automated data mapping

Most of the companies today are dealing with complicated data systems. With data stored at different places it becomes difficult to link and manage it into a centralized database. Even after this being a priority for many businesses, they are failing to do so due to absence of right data mapping tools.

In order to take control of internal and external data and find a manageable tool to organise and structure it, businesses need a unified central data location. And this location is what data mapping tools provide.

What is Data Mapping?

Data Mapping is a process of matching fields from different datasets into one centralised database. The tools for data mapping help in migration of data, ingesting and processing data, and managing it safely. Long story short, the ultimate goal of data mapping is to homogenise different data sets at one single place and keep it safe for further use.

Data mapping tools are considered as one of the standard business practices that ease out complexities of systems. Today, data mapping has become a little more complicated and complex which is why more powerful and automated data mapping tools are required.

Need of Data Mapping

Data mapping is essential for every company that processes data. It helps organizations to integrate data, build warehouses for data, transform it from one place to another and ease out the whole process. The entrepreneurs who wish to have good data management within their organization should highly consider these tools of data integration and data transformation.

Data Mapping Technique

There are three data mapping techniques that promote data mapping tools as per GDPR. When these techniques are followed, it can lead to data transformation and integration.

Manual Data Mapping

This technique is completely flexible as per the needs of the organization. It involves connecting data sources and documenting the process with the help of code. By having data professionals within the organization, tasks can be completed by creating a data map with complete control.

Semi Automated Data Mapping

Semi automated mappers use graphical representation of the data links for better functionality of the organization. It helps in balancing flexibility and effectiveness of the organization.

Automated Data Mapping

Automated data mapping is one of the best data mapping practices that is helpful for people with less technical knowledge as well. The data mapping platforms are evolving to become completely automated today. This means that everything from data pro to data novice would happen without coding. Fully automated data mapping provides an interface for everyone in the organization where they can check and visualize how their data is being mapped. It identifies the errors quickly and improves the processes like no other.

Carrying Out Data Mapping Effectively

Getting started with data mapping can seem a little daunting. But once you have the right partners like Secuvy, adapting data privacy tools for privacy becomes extremely easy.

It is data mapping that makes an organisation work correctly. You can see it all in real time and identify where errors occur along with complete visibility at before and after points.