Amazon presented its first domestic robot and these are its functions


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Wall-E is you? Amazon launched its first domestic robot, which has cameras and video surveillance functions and is operated through Alexa, the company’s virtual assistant.

Amazon Astro uses advanced navigation technology to get around the house and go where you need to. When you are not using Astro, it will be close by ready for when you need it, ”explains the firm in its description.

Image: Amazon via web.

The robot will allow people to monitor their home while they are not at home, it will also send security alerts if it detects unknown people or sounds while the owners are out of the property.

Alexa’s body?

Astro also has assistant functions, now Alexa can follow you throughout your house while playing music or any entertainment function, in turn, it can pass you calls or text messages, as well as keep you up to date on any reminder, alarm and reminders. Also, you can carry things like a cup of coffee.

Image: Amazon via web.

What about our privacy?

Of course, this is the question that comes to mind when we think of a robot with cameras and microphones connected to the network throughout the day. Given this, the technology company explains that it is “designed to protect your privacy.”

Image: Amazon via web .

As it does? According to Amazon, Astro turns off the microphones, cameras and their movement with the push of a button, also through its application you can configure their movement limits.

And last but not least, the Jeff Bezos company makes it clear that “Astro cannot go up or down stairs.”

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