Amazon Comes Hard For Apple Fitness+ With Halo Fitness


Amazon is taking on Apple Fitness+ with a new fitness tracker and subscription service.

Amazon Halo is the screen-free fitness band and $3.99/month subscription package Amazon launched in 2020. It tracks all the standard stuff, but also creepily measures body fat and your emotional state based on the tone of your voice.

Now, Amazon is giving customers the option to add a screen to that band with the launch of the Halo View.

The Amazon Halo View gives you a window into workout data.
The Amazon Halo View gives you a window into workout data.

Halo is also bulking out its subscription services with the addition of Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition. Workouts, courtesy of people like… Halle Berry??… now come in the Halo app’s library. So will recipes from companies like WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and Whole Foods (which Amazon owns, in case you forgot). You can make meal plans, and create an Alexa shopping list based on those meal plans, to make it even easier to give Amazon your money while you’re shopping at Whole Foods.

Those new services are included in the $3.99/month subscription, which come bundled in the first year with the Halo View for $79.99.

Apple launched its own fitness hub, Apple Fitness+, in 2020. Amazon’s new fitness offerings put it in direct competition with the smartwatch leader, as well as with Google-owned FitBit. Apple, Google, Amazon… how ever will you choose which giant tech company you’ll trust with your health data?

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