All You Need to Know about Babyzen Yoyo in Singapore

Babyzen Yoyo

Whether you are traveling abroad or strolling around your local neighborhood, the Babyzen Baby Stroller makes light work of parenthood on the go. Designed to fold up easily, with no need to remove the child from their seat, this unique baby stroller is suitable for children from three months old and up to 15kg in weight. If you want to know all about this stroller in Singapore and how it differs from other strollers available on the market, read on!

What Is It?

A three-wheeled, lightweight stroller designed for all kinds of adventures, from strolling around town with your little one, to venturing into more rugged environments with your older children. The Babyzen yoyo is a particularly excellent choice for active parents as it provides numerous carry options. You can easily carry your child by hand, across their body or on their back when not using other carrying options such as a backpack carrier or sling.

This versatility makes it possible to keep a baby near at all times whether you’re swimming, hiking or just checking out an art exhibit. In addition, its compact size and light weight make it easy for taking along to places like airports and busy city streets where space is at a premium.

Who Can Use It?

Parents who are looking for a baby stroller that are lightweight, compact and don’t take up much space when folded. Parents who live in small or urban apartments and don’t want a bulky stroller that takes up half their living room. And, parents who have over one child and are always running around town with several kids. And all other people looking for an affordable baby stroller.

Things We Love

We love that it’s a smaller stroller, with great maneuverability and height. It takes up very little space when folded and is light enough to lift into overhead compartments or trunks easily. Babyzen yoyo wheels have a suspension system that gives a smooth ride for the baby. It comes with an infant car seat adapter for easy attachment of your car seat, which was an absolute lifesaver when our son was still newborn.

They make the frame from aluminum, so it feels sturdy on rougher terrain. In short, if you want a stylish stroller that folds up small but can stand up to some serious travel adventures (and even has some features found on larger strollers) then we highly recommend it!

Where Can You Buy One?

The best place to purchase this stroller is directly from Babyzen. The strollers can be purchased from their official website, or from one of their showrooms at Bugis, Orchard and Novena. Delivery services are also available for an additional cost, so you can expect your new Babyzen yoyo stroller within just two days. International shipping costs an extra S$100.00, excluding customs duties and taxes, for countries outside of Singapore.

Final Thought

Owning a stroller and taking care of your baby is already quite a task, but there are still other important decisions that you need to make. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a Babyzen yoyo, here is all you need to know. When choosing products for your child, safety should always be first on your list. That’s why most moms would agree that this stroller can be one reliable option for parents like them who want comfort, style and convenience without having to compromise on safety features or quality.