After Calling Out Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears Clarifies Comments From Social Media Feud


Britney Spears’ conservatorship ended after 13 long years. During the legal proceedings that took place amidst the #FreeBritney fan movement, Spears revealed several shocking details about the amount of control her father had over her life and finances. She also shared that her family members including sister Jamie Lynn Spears haven’t been there for her.

In a recent, rather unfiltered social media feud, Britney accused her sister of using her traumatic experience to sell a book (referring to an interview Jamie did with ABC News). And now, furthering upon those comments, she has opened up about the lack of support from Jamie, clarifying why she was “obviously hurt”. It also looks like the pop star is ready to reconcile with her younger sister and put the spat behind them.

“Jamie Lynn…I don’t think your book is about me at all…I said some harsh things because you obviously hurt me by the things you are making up about me!!!” Britney wrote in a lengthy tweet.

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Addressing her sister’s inaction during the conservatorship, she said, “All I know is I love you unconditionally!!! So go ahead and say whatever you want…it’s so tacky for a family to fight publicly like this!!! You say you love me…yet your loyalty is still with the people that hurt me the most!!!”

“I think the thing that saddens me the most is that when this is all happened to me and when I called you from that place… you would take days to respond!!! I never got to talk to you,” she added. Although Britney says that the family treated her like “nothing” she also said, “We are supposed to have each other’s back…”

In response to Britney’s recent comments, Jamie took to Instagram to share her reaction. In a story she wrote “Britney- Just call me, I have attempted many times to speak to you directly and handle this privately like sisters should, but you still choose to do everything on a public platform.”

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