7 Tips For Choosing the Right Salesforce Consulting Company

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Salesforce has been a force to reckon with in today’s business world. As a result, thousands of industries depend on salesforce CRM services for many things. However, your success with Salesforce hinges on the quality of the consulting partner you work with. Yet, choosing a reliable partner is not a straightforward process. You cannot go with the first Salesforce consulting company that comes across your way. 

One needs to work with an expert team that understands the business requirement for optimum efficiency. Since a salesforce relationship is long-term, you must be intentional about getting the best for your team. 

In selecting your Salesforce consulting industry, you should understand a couple of factors that will make the relationship worthwhile. This article will explore several tips that can guide you to choosing the best salesforce partner for your business. 

Check for Portfolio

Any reputable salesforce company will be proud to showcase its portfolio, which contains past successful projects. With this, you will access varieties of custom solutions and probably come across something with a huge resemblance to your business needs. With this, you can easily decide if you want to work with the company or not. 

In deciding the salesforce consulting partner to work with, ensure you request past work even if they don’t provide one. This allows you to understand their approach to the project, so you know what to expect. 

Check the Industry Niche

Another factor you should consider in your choice of salesforce partner is the specific niche they are experts in. The particular industry niche can be of incredible help when observing industry standards, delineating capabilities, etc. 

Prioritize relationships with a partner that has varied industry expertise. Such will have a deep understanding of what you need and offer tailored solutions and guidelines on how Salesforce can help your business. 

Besides, such a partner’s experience setting up Salesforce for other similar businesses in your industry is a testament that you will enjoy smooth and faster implementation. 

Check for Official Relationship with Salesforce 

Whatever company you want to work with must have an official relationship with Salesforce and be part of the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program. This avails the company of a consultant status, which will enable it to offer salesforce consultancy services. Stay away from companies that haven’t been authorized as consultant partners. There is a high probability of inadequate quality services, which will affect the overall working relationship. 

While this is not to mark all companies that are not connected to Salesforce off, you will be on the safe side, knowing your interests are protected should things not go as planned if you work with a certified company.

Check For Reviews  

Another tip to guide you towards the best salesforce partner is checking for past users’ reviews. By talking to people and other companies that have worked with salesforce partners before, you can have an idea of what to expect.

One top review site you can use is Salesforce AppExchange. You can get a series of authentic reviews from this site and what past users think about a particular salesforce business. The review also presents a terrific way to know the company’s experience, expertise area, and certification. 

Understand the Project Management Method

In choosing your salesforce consultant, you need to be comfortable with delivering projects. Besides, you and the partner need to be on the same page regarding your input.

The best approach to understand this is to ask for a demo or a written explanation of their project management approach. 

Don’t Prioritize Cost

Salesforce projects are not cheap. As a result, ensure you don’t shoot yourself in the leg by going after the most affordable partner that comes your way. Ideally, cost should be the last determinant factor. Instead, prioritize a time-efficient and comprehensive salesforce implementation. 

You can have a rough idea of cost implementation by estimating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). This involves the cost of product license, internal labor, maintenance, services, etc. 

Consider Long Term Support

Salesforce products and solutions are not a one-off thing. In other words, when the company delivers the project, the parties involved cannot just shake hands and call it a day. There is a need for ongoing support and partnership between the parties. 

This means you need to choose a company you can trust to come through for you in future issues. Since it is not likely that any of your staff has the expertise to handle Salesforce, you need a long-term cooperation with the original team. This is essential to the success of the project in the long run. 

Worthy of note is that long-term cooperation should be a mutual agreement. For your partnership to work, the relationship should be two-way. This means that your partner should share your dreams, goals, and responsibilities enough to be recognized as a trusted advisor. With this, you can trust the partner to support your team and business with long-term cooperation. 


There is more to working with a salesforce partner than entering into a business partnership. This is where optimum research comes in. You need to block all loopholes and ensure you get the ideal partner whose vision aligns with your company’s goal and vision. 

The tips above can go a long way in directing you towards the perfect salesforce partner that will optimally deliver your business.