5 ways technology can help you combat teacher burnout


Teachers are balancing a lot every day, and that pressure has increased since the start of the pandemic. According to the National Education Association, 55 percent of the teachers in a recent poll said they “will leave teaching sooner than they had originally planned” and 90 percent of members who responded said “feeling burned out is a serious problem.”  

Finding ways to ease the stress experienced by teachers and prevent teacher burnout is critical to teacher morale and ultimately, student outcomes. While no one area alone can prevent teacher burnout, tools that are designed with teachers’ needs in mind can play a big role in supporting teachers and making their jobs less stressful.

This is where technology – and specifically the right technology – can make a huge difference in lessening workload, promoting more productive communication, and boosting morale. Choosing the right technology tools can help give teachers more time and support for doing what they love – teaching and impacting students.

When choosing technology for a district, it’s important to consider tools that will:

1. Lessen administrative workload: Using tools that consolidate student data and provide a user-friendly experience will lessen teachers’ administrative workload. From communicating with parents to collecting fees and consent for a field trip, new technology platforms can automate and streamline many administrative tasks that fall on teachers’ desks.

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