5 reasons to partner with an online learning provider



In 2020 and 2021, the pandemic changed the way we used online learning with our 1,200 students. We had an online learning platform in place but were suddenly facing a pandemic-driven switch to remote learning and the need to offer both hybrid (i.e., a mix of on- and off-campus options) and online options.

We were fortunate in that all of our teachers were accustomed to the online model, but we were suddenly facing an overload of courses and a bigger need from the student perspective. VHS Learning helped us fill those voids by helping us create a blend of both core and elective courses that would keep learning on track during an extremely disruptive time.

Many of our students were able to get through the pandemic by using those online courses.

Here are five more ways our online learning provider helped us navigate the complexities and keep learning on track: 

1. Tap into a wide variety of courses. On top of the core academics that VHS Learning provides, it also offers a wide variety of other options. For example, high school elective offerings are often limited by the number of teachers that are available to teach those courses. Our advanced learners love perusing the course catalog and picking out options that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them.

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