5 Finest Energy Saving Power Strip


Adults who told you to disconnect gadgets to conserve electricity weren’t exaggerating – some equipment might continue to drain energy even after you turn them off. The finest energy-saving power strips enable you to personalize control to specific outlets. Thus, pay only for what you use and save money on electricity bills.

Traditional power strips are a cost-effective way to expand the number of electrical outlets of their convenience; you may find yourself leaving electronics plugged in all the time. A few devices continue to use power even when not using them. Printers, PCs, DVD players, and plasma TVs all have standby modes that make them easier to operate while draining a lot of power while not in use. This “phantom power drain” consumes electricity and adds to your carbon footprint.

On the other hand, smart power strips; help you save energy by turning off the power to devices in standby mode. You will also save on your electricity bills. According to experts, standby power use in the average home varies from 5% to 10% of household energy consumption. It may also be responsible for around 1% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

So, if you are on the lookout for the best energy-saving power strip, then here is the list for you.

Smart Strip’s LGC-3MVR

There are a total of ten color-coded outlets on this. The red outlet is constantly turned on. The blue outlet is the control outlet, while the green outlets are automatically switched to connect to the blue outlet. It functions similarly to other 20 amp power strip by grouping related items together.

Although it is not completely immune to huge loads like other smart power strips, it only consumes a single watt when fully loaded. The strip needs a quarter of a watt to stay functioning when the gadgets attached aren’t receiving power and comes with a full two-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Jackyled Power Strip TowerJackyled Power Strip Tower

Every level of this vertical three-tier power tower has its separate circuit, allowing you to group gadgets together while controlling power to each level when it isn’t in use. Each level has a switch that controls the circuits, and each one has a green LED that flashes when power is being pulled.

Whether you position it on a tabletop, desk, or floor, the tower’s swiveling, 360-degree design makes it easy to reach the 10 AC and four USB ports from several angles. The strip’s heavy-duty 6.5-foot cable is retractable, making it easy to travel and keeping tabletops and floors clear of debris and any tripping hazards.

Kasa HS300 Smart Plug Power Strip

Kasa HS300 Smart Plug Power Strip

The Kasa HS300 smart power strip is a popular choice for various reasons. This smart power strip not only monitors your energy usage but also allows you to control connected devices using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. More significantly, it comes with a total of 9 outlets, providing you the freedom to connect as many devices as you want.

Six smart power outlets are included in this set of nine outlets. This allows you the freedom to connect and manage devices based on their functionality. At the same time, each outlet has an energy monitoring feature that allows you to observe how much energy is being used. Based on this, you can get a general sense of which connected gadgets are most energy-efficient.


If you want to conserve energy (and money) by reducing the amount of electricity your adjustable base or appliance uses, this surge protector from HEYVALUE is a good option. This charging power strip includes four USB ports and four AC outlets. You can regulate when particular things in your house turn on and off, or even have your lights turn on and off in time with the sun.

This smart power outlet is compatible with popular home automation systems such as Google Home, but our favorite feature is UL certified for energy efficiency. It also includes built-in leakage detection and surge protection, saving energy and protecting your appliances and devices.

APC V11PT3 SurgeArrest

APC V11PT3 SurgeArrest

APC believes in its 11-outlet SurgeArrest so much that it backs it up with a $100,000 equipment protection guarantee. You wouldn’t develop a list of equipment to meet that sum unless you used it in a research facility to preserve scientific instruments. Power surges from your coaxial television cable, telephone/DSL lines, and home’s electrical outlets will be protected by many levels of protection.

Protection status and electrical building issues are shown via LEDs. When not in use, the six outlets are properly placed to handle big power adaptors, and they all have sliding covers to keep dust and debris out. The thick cable swivels 180 degrees to lay flat and out of the way behind furniture, no matter which way it’s placed. The Surge Arrest is particularly beneficial for complicated entertainment or computer equipment because of its size and characteristics.


Compared to the past, more electric equipment is destroyed due to surges. The cause for this micro technology is that manufacturers employ small electrical channels and cables that cannot tolerate any current/voltage spikes. However, you can safeguard your gadget with the power strips mentioned above since they block all current and voltage beyond a set threshold amount and absorb the spikes themselves.