40% Of The Gen-Z Youth Prefer TikTok, Instagram Over Google Search; Here’s Why


Instagram and TikTok provide more than just bizarre challenges and cool dancing videos. The development alarms none other than search engine juggernaut Google, since many Gen Zers now utilize these applications as their primary search and discovery platforms.

In a recent tech conference, Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan said that while looking for a restaurant, nearly 40% of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 favored TikTok and Instagram over Google Maps or its search feature.

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This trend was also evident in a December 2021 research by the US business Cloudflare, which discovered that TikTok had supplanted Google as the most popular domain of the year.

Tech experts claim that younger generations prefer TikTok and Instagram over Google searches for more text-based information because of their high audiovisual and immersive engagement. They prefer watching a brief video of under 30 seconds to reading a lengthy blog piece. TikTok and Instagram gather information to personalize the user experience, much like any other search algorithm.

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Additionally, they create a customized website for each user that provides them with the material without ever conducting a true keyword search, including information on anything from restaurants and fashion trends to beauty items and news. Google is now making an effort to compete with the success of TikTok and Instagram by utilizing improved AI optimization and more immersive marketing.

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