‘Pure blood’ gunslinger dies, family member threatens hospital with violence


So tough! COVID doesn’t stand a chance! Heck, COVID is likely properly deterred from trying to invade this home!


Why would you associate with a character who dies? Did they see the movie? They all end up dead. 


Ah yes, your brother is sick with COVID, so by all means, continue shit-posting. 


I don’t know, I thought omicron was just like a hard’s day work. Why would anyone need prayers after a hard day’s work? 


Dead cat bounce. 

If their god really does exist, it is a cruel god for giving people this kind of hope and elation, only to then pull the rug out. 


God is great when things seem to be working out okay. It’s never “thank the doctors and nurses and medical science for their great work.” 

This was quite the dead-cat bounce, though. Usually, we’re talking improvement over two to three days before they take a turn for the worse. This one lasted over a week. Extra cruel.


God is great. God can work miracles. 


Would he be having “other issues” had he not been in the hospital for lung-damaging COVID, while on lung-damaging life support? 

Gunslinger is dead. Now, one of his offspring has taken over his Facebook account. 


Is it any wonder that medical personnel are quitting in droves? We’re getting to the point that hospitals are going to need to have fully armed security. It won’t be long before one of these deplorable domestic terrorists start shooting inside one. 

If they really think hospitals are killing them, why do they insist on going to them? 

And if their god is so great and powerful and gets all the credit when things go well, why not blame that god for when things go awry? Mighty convenient to give it all the good credit and none of the blame. 


OMFG. Even Gunslinger’s sister is trying to talk sense. 

Reading between the lines, looks like he puked and aspirated his feeding tube. Someone in the Reddit comments explains in greater detail:

The stomach can stretch to accommodate more volume and naturally stretches/relaxes when we eat. Someone on TF is being given a certain volume of TF consistently. This is adjusted and the “residual volume” left over in the stomach between tube feeds is kept track of to try and estimate digestion but it’s still not a perfect science. The body is sensitive and if for whatever reason, something changes (slower gut motility, small bowel obstruction, constipation) that restricts volume in the GI tract a patient can still accidentally get too much and be a little distended. But theyre still getting continuous feedings, your stomach gets distended and needs to find a way to relieve pressure to literally not perforate. So you vomit, to get rid of volume. Someone that’s getting tube feeds is often getting them because they’re really sick and usually already is a dysphagia risk. So they vomit, cant clear their own airway because they can’t swallow well or spit it all the way out and instead breath it into their lungs.

OMG that’s awful. Yet another reason to fear COVID. I never want to be in the situation of needing a feeding tube over something I could avoid (even though these cases appear to be exceedingly rare). 


I hope someone called the FBI on this one. Looks utterly unhinged and ready to start murdering people. He literally thinks the hospital murdered Gunslinger because “we did[n’t] needle,” or get vaccinated. 

This thing is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. 

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