Majority of Americans say Supreme Court has gotten ‘too partisan’


The new polling is another way of gauging Americans’ level of faith in a supposedly apolitical institution that has seen its approval ratings plunge ever since it allowed the highly unpopular Texas abortion ban to take effect earlier this month. A Monmouth University poll recently found that 70% of Americans disapproved of the Texas law relying on private citizens to enforce it, while 81% disapproved of the $10,000 reward for making a successful claim

The Daily Kos/Civiqs survey also found that 57% of voters do not want the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade while 29% do want to see the decades-old precedent overturned.

A rash of recent polls have found the Supreme Court is suffering a supreme loss of confidence among the American people, including a Gallup poll that found the court notching a 20-year low of 40% approval. In that survey, 37% said it was too conservative while 20% said it was too liberal.  

If there were ever a time to amp up the conversation about court reform, that time is now. America is watching, and the high court’s new term will yield critical decisions on issues such as abortion and gun control where the conservative majority could further prove itself to be wildly out of touch with mainstream America.

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