Juhi Chawla And Milind Soman Comes Out In Support Of Akshay Kumar After He Apologized For Endorsing Tobacco Brand


The whole ‘Gutkha’ gambit doesn’t seem to be going down well with Akki’s fandom. Akshay Kumar has tendered a heartfelt apology post his viral Vimal Ilaichi ad. Apologies don’t seem enough for the Padman star’s admirers (and adversaries) online. Lambasted and trolled to death for his endorsement of the tobacco brand, Mr. Khiladi has newfound support from industry fraternity.

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Actress and Miss India 1984, Juhi Chawla reacted with raised hands emojis, stating ‘Respect’ in solidarity with Akshay’s public apology note.

Super model and Pinkathon ambassador Milind Soman remarked that the Hera Pheri star made the ‘right choice’ whatsoever was the reason.

With cut throat competition between the Silver Screen and OTT, veteran stars (still) rely on commercials for some easy peasy paisa! The aam junta does adore their fav stars sizzling the tele-tubes and you-tubes with quirky, glitzy, over-the-top (and some outright questionable) adverts. Bollywood and Cricket stars are all guilty of having endorsed at least one contentious product/service in their career that would have not been that well thought out. However, stars have massive influence and cult following, hence the public name calling and shaming.

The virtue signalling won’t stop until these industries of cancer, cancerous edtech, shady bidding games etal are shut once and for all. Also it doesn’t do much good for the celebs who masquerade behind charities vagerah (occasionally) and then go endorse something that undo the whole goodwill. At the end of the day, with constant paps and public eyes over you, you are just one endorsement away from a total PR disaster. And even if you apologize, people will dig your ol’ sins.

This is how Twitter Responds To Akshay Kumar’s Apology. By Digging Up His Old Cigarette Ad! C’mmon! We are better than this tweeple!

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