November 27, 2021

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Chinos Buying Guide: Things to Look for to Choose the Best Chinos for Men

Out in the market shopping for a new pair of chinos? Chinos are one of the most loved pieces of clothing for men. These are casual yet stylish alternatives for regular trousers. With chinos, it’s not only about following the style, you have to choose wisely as not chinos are the same. So, we have some important things that you should look out for in each piece when you are out there looking for black chinos for men.


First, know that chinos come in different styles, and by style we mean, the cut of the pants. Well, it should not come as a surprise to you because after all, it’s a pant. It can be a regular cut, boot cut chinos, wide-legged chino pants, and a narrow fit. Every person likes their pants to look and feel in a certain way, that is why there are different cuts available. Choose the cut that you think you can pull off easily. 


This is the most common thing that you all must already know but still, we are going to repeat it as it is an important thing to look out for. Always check the fit of your chino pants. The fit includes all the measurements from hip to button, even the rise of the pants. You may assume that the size you wear in your regular pants is the right size for chino pants as well, and buy them without trying them on. But this can be a huge mistake because the fit of chinos is different from other jeans or pants. So, it’s really heartbreaking when you finally find a perfect pair of chinos only to discover that they don’t fit you properly. So, always try them before buying. 


Another thing to pay attention to is the color of your chino pants. If you are new to adopting this style, make sure that you start with neutral colors like black, beige, grey, etc. even if you already have some of them, make sure that you have them in neutral colors as well. That is because black chino pants are always easy to style over other colors. Also, this goes well along with almost everything in your wardrobe. Black is such a versatile color that you can invest in. to choose the color, you can consider the upper wear that you already own, so, you can easily pair it up. Also, you can go with the seasonal colors to decide. 


Every brand works with different kinds of fabrics. Some use pure cotton while others like blending. Hence, chinos are available in several fabrics. Most chinos are made up of 100 percent cotton for the best comfort. But as a customer, you should check the quality of the cotton used. This quality will decide the age of your chinos. In fact, this is not just for your chino pants, you should check the quality of fabric for every piece of clothing you buy. 

Check the stretch

When you buy a new piece of clothing, most often you check the design and color of it. If you really get deep you may check the fit and wash care etc. but the stretch is something that comes into notice often after you wear it, right? That’s when you realize your pants are not stretching and it’s suffocating you. Stretchy material is more breathable, for the obvious reason that they have a high level of elasticity. Most chinos were made with non-stretchy fabric, but now, just like stretchy jeans, stretchy chinos are a popular choice. 

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