This guy believed all the memes, including one that claimed chicken soup and saltines cured COVID-19




Don’t they love to tell us how many people the flu kills? Now they’re saying it’s no big deal that can be handled with saltines? 


Holy shit. I agree! This would be awesome

Leave the real hospitals for people who aren’t self-destructive a-holes.


The actual number is less than 1%. And it says, “good.” We don’t need them spreading infection inside hospital walls. 


And yet they still support Matt Gaetz …


Most of us outgrow “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO” in our childhood. 


Oooh, okay! The unvaccinated don’t pay taxes, and in return, they can’t use any roads, sidewalks, public parks, and other such infrastructure. No trash pickup. No more depending on fire, police, or EMT services. No more education, of course. In short, they’ll need to be holed up on their properties, as it is quite impossible to venture out without touching public services. 

If they’re trapped in their homes, I’m totally fine without them vaccinating. It’s the ultimate “social distancing.” 

Or they can pay taxes. Their call. 


How does the chip inside your body know how much gas your car has used? Wouldn’t it just be easier to ration fuel purchases, like with a ration card? This is the worst nightmare scenario they could come up with for this strawman argument? 

And why chip these guys, when Facebook already knows anything the government could ever desire? 


“I’m a bigot about that one thing, therefore I can’t accept the reality of this other thing.” 


It’s almost as if there’s no difference in hospitalization, serious illness, and death rates for vaxxed versus unvaxxed. 

As for Dr. Adam Aneevit, I wrote about him a few months ago: 

Meet Dr. Adam Aneevit. He’s a doctor from Melbourne. Er, Iowa. Or is it Dublin? His headshot is artificial-intelligence-generated from ThisPersonDoesNotExist. There is no record this person exists, because clearly he’s part of a Russian or Chinese or MAGA disinformation campaign. And he has over 13,000 followers on Twitter

The “do your own research” crowd are way too easy to con.


I used to write that there were 45,000 commercial flights per day. Turns out (as someone corrected me in the comments), that’s just in the United States. Globally, there are around 110,400. 

So if just 99.97% of flights survived each day, that would mean that 331 flights would crash every day. If talking about just domestic flights, that number would be 135 daily crashes. I doubt anyone, including this guy, takes those odds. 

Funny that he doesn’t mention the odds of those other things occurring, given they’re in the one in a millions range.


As I note every time this meme shows up—the Spartans in the meme all died. Prophetic, it turns out. 


“If you have to wear pants to enter a grocery store or move about society, YOU ARE NOT FREE and are not SOVEREIGN OVER YOUR OWN BODY.”

And it totally doesn’t concern me. Please wear pants. 

And mask and vaccinate. 


As many boosters as necessary to avoid this kind of fate, thank you very much. 


Oh man, they are so close to realizing that yes, we could have universal health care, if only they stopped voting Republican. 


Oh shit, didn’t he try the chicken soup and saltines cure? Can’t believe that didn’t work. So weird. That’s the part that’s unbelievable. Catching COVID-19? Totally believable.

On the plus side, phew, he didn’t risk a bunch of made-up and grossly exaggerated vaccination side effects. 

I do hope he found a nice hospital full of fired anti-science nurses and doctors, because it sure would be hypocritical to clog up a room in a science-based hospital for an entire month. 

As for his wife, a commenter dug into her social media:

I hope people give his wife grace. She was convinced wrongly by somebody that she could not get the vaccine because of a peanut allergy. During the Covid nightmare with her husband, she reached out to find out which vaccine she could take despite her allergy and surprisingly, 90% of the responses were positive and supportive. Please don’t troll her.

Despite the Confederate flag she’s wearing, I’m glad she vaccinated. In my ideal world, the whole racist biker gang would vaccinate. 


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