Pillow Man Mike Lindell’s bank drops him to avoid ‘reputational damage’



And now, after already having lost his big-box distribution and what was left of his mind (not necessarily in that order), Lindell is looking for a new financial institution. He discussed this latest outrage Friday, with celebrated cornhusk doll impersonator Steve Bannon.



LINDELL: “… The Lindell Foundation, Lindell Outreach, MyStore for all the entrepreneurs, and they want us to leave their bank. What you’re going to hear on these recordings are horrific. Because now, that you have … it’s manifested from this, Steve. They’re bringing back a year ago, and all these terrible outlets like The Washington Post, and I just had a call from The Guardian today, and then you have The Daily Beast—all of these outlets now are attacking, re-attacking me again, trying to say I’m some kind of a, a—let’s subpoena Mike Lindell’s records. As you know, I went after Pelosi and that fake committee they’ve got going to scare everybody, and by doing this, now these banks want to get part of the cancel culture. They want to cancel out all of these entities. The biggest one they worry about—Frank Speech, everybody. They want to silence Frank Speech. They want to silence my voice.”

Okay, I put Google Translate on the Lindell-to-English setting and managed to suss out some of Mike’s intended meaning. (Fun Easter egg: If you use this setting and fart languidly into a family-sized bucket of KFC for half an hour, it will spit out Mike Lindell’s obituary.)

Here’s what I managed to decipher:

  • Lindell oversees a bunch of different entities—such as the Lindell Foundation, the Lindell Recovery Network, Lindell-TV, Lindell Publishing, MyStore, Frank Speech, and more—and his bank, Minnesota Bank & Trust, is apparently dropping all of them.
  • Lindell thinks The Washington Post and The Guardian are horrible fake news outlets—unlike, say, The Health Ranger, who writes for Lindell’s Frankspeech.com and thinks conservatives are about to be rounded up and put in COVID-19 concentration camps.
  • Lindell was subpoenaed by the House Jan. 6 committee and he’s sued to stop them.
  • Lindell thinks his bank wants to cancel Frank Speech because Frank Speech is getting too close to the truth.

I highly doubt anyone at his bank has ever watched anything on Frank Speech, much less entered into a conspiracy to stop it. Hey, even I don’t want Frank Speech canceled. Why would I? It’s the most fun I’ve had since being forced to remove the nitrous oxide bouncy castle from my backyard after just two days and maybe half a dozen scurrilous complaints from annoyingly effete helicopter parents.  

But, yeah, Lindell is still alive. Though I did hear a bit of horking and sniffling during the interview, and I’m fairly certain it wasn’t Steve Bannon’s foppish vestigial twin.

Anyway, if you want to hear more of Lindell’s whining on this, you can find it at Steve Bannon’s War Room archive. Though I’ll understand if you don’t want to risk infecting your computer with Bannon’s fungal self.

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