“None Of Us Were Talking About TikTok Three Years Ago” Google CEO Sundar Pichai Admits Tough Competition


A grim reminder with a bucketful of sob stories in the backend for Google. The internet giant isn’t dethroned (yet) and is going nowhere. Yet Google is bleeding. The company’s desi boss Sundar Pichai kinda admits at the Code Conference 2022.

Google and their tribe, didn’t even bother to ascribe any reverence to fairly unknown platforms like TikTok before it evolved into something so big that it is eating the market share of the silicon valley behemoths. Instagram has been the direct casualty of the Chinese app. People don’t actually bother if the app is Chinese. They just wanna have fun while glued to the screen. And TikTok did just that. Unfiltered entertainment at the expense of some really puke worthy content. Yet here they are stepping on those who went before them. Imagine Google feeling the heat.

Sundar Pichai talks about the ‘Hyper Intense’ market in tech even as economic uncertainty is playing spoilsport adding to the misery. Nonetheless, Google is very much ‘pro-competitive’, Sundar Pichai remarked.

The Google boss is a mere mortal like the rest of us. He worries about the worst. Does he worry about things crumbling and comes to a grinding halt? ‘Absolutely’ states the maverick technologist. ‘Big companies fail because they stumble internally” Sundar Pichai warns.

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Meanwhile the company is going through a rough patch. Earlier Sunar Pichai had sent a memo to the staff to bring their A game onboard. He asked the Googlers to work with greater urgency and sharper focus. Pichai hopes to make the company 20% more effective and it would mean letting people go.

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Cover Image: Code Conference 2022

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