Ahlstrom upgrades Korean facility for durable filtration media


Ahlstrom has successfully started the production of new, calendered, and embossed synthetic filter media for the first commercial orders from its Huyn-Poong plant in South Korea. The new materials offer extended filter lifetime and generate less flow restriction due to a higher available surface area. This makes these media a more sustainable alternative to competing materials.

A longer filter lifetime combined with durability is a key feature helping to sustain filter operations and boost performance. This not only saves costs associated with frequent filter replacements but also reduces energy consumption and minimises environmental impacts by lowering emissions, the company said in a press release.

Ahlstrom has commenced production of new calendered and embossed synthetic filter media at its Huyn-Poong plant in South Korea.
These materials offer extended filter life and reduced flow restriction due to a larger surface area, making them a sustainable alternative.
Longer-lasting filters save costs, reduce energy consumption, and lower emissions.

“The new calendering and embossing capabilities further advance synthetic filter media solutions. They improve durability and open a wide range of possibilities for extended performance, as well as improving the sustainability of filtration units. This allows us to better serve growing needs in high-performance filtration materials,” said Kathrin Hueppe, head of filtration, Asia.

The materials are used for both air and liquid filtration applications, including air pollution control, and air intake, but also water, oil, and fuel filtration.

“This investment is a new step in our company’s ambition to reinforce the global leadership in filtration. We have announced investments of more than €100 million during the past five years, which all have strengthened our global footprint and widened our high-performance offering in filtration segments. These investments further reinforce our purpose to deliver products that purify and protect,” the release added.

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