December 2, 2021

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Indianapolis pony cuts defended Donaronon – Hankins

Jonathan Hankins once again became a free player.

This defensive cut off is cut off in the new season. 4-3 defensive array of Indianapolis. In the last year, wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys from china Hankins and pony were signed for 3 million US dollars, including 10 million US dollars to guarantee the contract, and now he returns to the free player market.

Hankins is the most suitable for 3-4 defensive formations, but his departure shows that pony is not just because of tactical reasons. It was originally a $ 4.5 million guaranteed income tomorrow.

Although the pony defense front line is bad last season, Hankins is stable. The big player has achieved 44 hugs for wholesale nfl jerseys from china 2 times in the season.

In addition to the NDAMUKONG SUH, Hankins may be the best anti-runner in the free player market. Of course, wholesale jerseys online it will attract interests that still have salary and use 3-4 formats. Washington Hongpi will be the first team he visited.

As for the Pony, they have now moved in the free player market. They may have planned to choose a defensive front player in the draft.