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wholesale nfl jerseys usa will hire up to 24 full-time referee in the new season
Beijing August 10, the full-time referee will appear on the NFL stadium in the new season.

The NFL and NFL referee will announce the current 124 referee in the current 124 referee to become a full-time referee in the 2017 season.

The NFL and NFL referee will agree to establish a full-time referee when negotiating the last labor agreement. This plan will make the existing referee to make a full-time referee.

“We believe this is a huge progress on NFL’s law enforcement work and eventually enhance the quality of the competition,” wholesale nfl jerseys is responsible for the implementation of the executive Vice President of the operation of the game, Troy Vincent, said in the statement. “We have a common goal, that is, let the game be wonderful as much as possible and we look forward to cooperating with this matter together.”

The Alliance believes that the 21 to 24 full-time referee will enhance the contact between the field and the referee. This also allows the alliance referee department to find a full-time referee how to use a full-time approach.