Where To Buy Camel’s Milk And its Health Benefits?

camel milk

Rural people consumed fresh-raw camel milk for a longer period of time. During those times, milk was not a commodity, and selling milk was prohibited. And that’s how several misconceptions about camel milk came into force. But as the world changes, these misconceptions are burst too, by several research and studies. 

Is camel’s healthy?

Camel milk has antibacterial properties. It prevents bacterial and viral infections from affecting the human body. Including camel milk in your diet improves your immunity, and the milk guards you against chronic disorders and cancer.

Shields your liver

Supplement in camel milk guards the liver and fights viruses. Studies proved that milk lowered the increased levels of liver enzymes, which exhibited improved liver functions. It increases the total body proteins that were decreasing when the body suffered from liver diseases.

Another study found that milk is an effective remedy for the hepatitis C virus. Infected patients are recommended to include camel milk in their diet. 

It has such medicinal effects as milk contains minerals (iron and zinc) and proteins. The milk has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and immunomodulatory properties.  

Camel Milk and Alzheimer’s Disease

The latest research demonstrates that camel milk has lessened the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease by strengthening the brain cells. 

  • Building strong sleeping and eating patterns
  • Patients express themselves in an effective manner and are able to interact and recall their few past activities
  • After consuming milk for one month, patients feel reduced confusion, aggression and mood swings
  • Exceptional improvement in physical activity
  • Are able to fulfil their assigned work 
  • Memory improves when patients are questioned about particular dates and events

May supports cancer treatment

Studies show that camel milk hinders the growth of cancerous cells in human colorectal and breast cancer cell lines. This could be achieved by remoulding the genes required for the advancement and metastasis of tumours.

Vitamin E and C, proteins like lysozyme, lactoferrin, and immunoglobulins help in the blockage of cancer cells.

May enhance the symptoms of autism

Oxidative stress is the cause of crucial symptoms of autism, and camel milk is found effective in resisting its effect. Autism is a serious neurological disorder that normally arises before age three. Impairments in communication and social behaviour are common issues. Oxidative stress is liable for these conditions. 

The growing number of free radicals aggravates both autism and Alzheimer’s. 

Researchers explain that feeding camel milk to young children results in the disappearance of autism symptoms. 

Camel milk’s nutritional value

Camel’s milk contains:

  • Protein        3.1%
  • Fat              3.5%
  • Lactose       4.4%
  • Ash             0.79%
  • Total solids 11.9%

The amino acids are in good amounts in camel milk. The milk has low short-chain fatty acids and high long-chain fatty acids. Having ample unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic acid makes camel milk a better option for health.

The milk has vitamins A, E, D, B and, most importantly, vitamin C, which is absent in cow’s and buffalo’s milk. Camel milk is easier to digest.  That makes it a better option to switch to camel’s milk. 

Where to buy camel’s milk

As the natural benefits of camel milk come to light, the demand for the milk has skyrocketed too. So to meet this demand, various companies are set up to fulfil the pressure of milk. The main question here arises again: Where to buy camel’s milk

Many products have camel milk in them, and all products are healthy for human consumption. The products are

Camel milk(fresh),

Camel milk(frozen),

Camel milk kefir(frozen),

Camel milk powder,

and Camel milk ghee

The milk has all the essential nutrients, making it highly nutritious and recommendable by experts to buy camel milk.