December 6, 2021

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WhatsApp Just Made Reporting Individual Messages A Lot Easier


WhatsApp’s message reporting and moderation system has been under steep scrutiny lately after an investigation earlier this month revealed possible breach in privacy claims.

The Facebook-owned company has now decided to work on a new, more straightforward method that will help users report messages. According to the ever reliable folks at WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp beta version for Android introduces a feature that allows for single, specific messages to be reported to WhatsApp without going through any complicated hoops.

The current contact reporting system sends the message that is reported alongside the previous four messages to WhatsApp. The additional messages are there to give more context to the company so they can decide whether or not they should be banning a contact. The new feature seemingly allows the users to highlight a single message, whether from an individual chat, a group chat, or a business account.

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So for anyone running WhatsApp beta version, as soon as you select a specific message, you will get a new drop-down option on the top left. Tapping the new option will open a dialog that will allow the users to block the offending business account or contact.

It is not clear when WhatsApp will launch this feature on the stable builds, but we won’t be surprised if it starts rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks or even days, given the criticism its existing reporting mechanism has faced. The fact that the feature is already functional in the beta build is in indicator that the feature could be ready for a wider release.

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