December 4, 2021

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Pony horn Weimen’s right hand is seriously injured
According to Chuck Pagano, the rashaan melvin is “serious” in the right hand.

“He will absent a day.” Pagano said.

Melween is 28 years old and is one of the top defensive players in the team. His presence makes the pony can be relieved with Feng Tae Davis. He was a 10 game this year, cheap fake oakley sunglasses and he harvested 36 hugs, 3 copies, 13 times destroyed.

Melwin’s injury makes the new Xiqi Wilson have gained more performance opportunities. Wilson was a sign of 46 this year, oakley sunglasses sale once started 1 game, playing 81 defensive groups. Early was troubled by knee injury, but now it has been restored.

Pagano said: “This is a great opportunity for him. If I am he, I will think so.”