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[Events Preface] In the playoffs, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States

The competition of the Second Outer Cards of the United States of America is carried out between Buffalo Bore and Jacksonville. The Mei Dian Jin Bill has completed counterattack in the last week of the regular season, replacing the crow became an ECF team. Although the two teams have not entered the seasons for a long time, this game is actually the second trip in the history of the two teams. The last time I need to be traced back to the 1996 Jianfang card, at the time of the Jagu 30-27 Sorrow Bill; and the two teams have been successfully victorious at 28-21 on the 12th week of last season. In the face of the legs, the American tiger will never let this go to the mouth.

For the Jacksonville American Tiger, this is a dream season: since the first promotion of the playoffs since the 2007 season, since the first time in the 1999 season, the Jagua made all the fans saw the power wholesale nfl jerseys from china the southeast corner of the United States. . This season, the success of the Jenan Tiger thanks to the powerful defensive group (four players selected for professional bowls, all wholesale nfl jerseys from china the defensive group: AJ-Bowa, Jay Ramse, Carlayis – Campbell, Malik – Jackson) and a powerful pavement offensive (consisting of Lylnad, Chris Efrey, and TJ-Yaleton). But the extremely lack of the attack, so that the Jaguchi is too much like a quarter of the offensive end, wholesale jerseys china us and the mediocrity of Bowle Bottles is the mediocrity of the United States, so that the American tiger has smiled and the ball is a laughter. Lack of passing attacks and playoffs experience, is still the largest haze on the prospect of the Jirai season.

The last round of the regular season, the tiger was brought by the unfair fairness and public sport, and the crow was sent to Bill Bill. Let Bill entered the playoffs since 1999. The three players in Bill are selected in the occupational bowl, and it is also a microcosm of Bill. Mika-Hyde: The break is coming from the packaging worker to the Buffalo, and it has not sounded a leader of the leader of the league; Ridge-Due to Kongnito: After completely getting rid of the ambient trouble, this Old will complete the career and a spring, the Bill offensive front line under his leadership, not only with a strong road surface coverage, but the pass protection is also the first class of the league; Le Shien McKai: Bill is a star, The absolute main force of the team offensive, the paste is the same extremely scarce Bill, and if there is no impact of McCoo on the pavement, it will also be gradually farten in the playoffs. For Bill’s greatest disadvantage, McCoo is returned last week, and it will be timely recovery this week. In addition, the team defensive front line played in this season, facing the strongest pavement of the league, Bill can stand if Woolen cloth?

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