Weightlifting Belt For Women – Reasons Why You Should Invest In It


Whether you work out at a fitness center, your home, or a nearby park, a weightlifting belt is one of the best investments you can make to improve the process of your upper body development. Weighlifting belts allow you to add extra weight while doing bodyweight exercises, like chin-ups, dips, and pull-ups. While it is almost the same as a traditional dip belt, it helps you add more weight. Before you decide to purchase a weightlifting belt for women, let’s understand what a weightlifting belt is and why you should invest in it.

What Is a Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belts are the important gear in the fitness center and gym. These belts are common among power, strength, and functional fitness sports. Olympic powerlifters only use these belts, but now they have popular amongst recreational lifters of varying fitness levels. These belts help and offer various advantages for strength training. Weightlifting belts are great gear for every workout because they provide multiple benefits to intermediate to advance level lifters.

Here are some other reasons why you should invest in weightlifting belts.

Injury Avoidance

When you lift a heavy load, then a weightlifting belt can help you avoid severe orthopedic injuries. The best powerlifting belt can keep you safe from injury while moving heavyweight of your one-rep maximum while using the ideal form. Many people would argue that a belt is important for anyone who can deadlift or squat double their bodyweight. Your abs and lower back muscles grow faster, and the legs respond better to training. As such, a weightlifting belt can make for any variance between the core and strength of your legs.

More Weight

If you think that why are weightlifting belts are so famous? Because they let you lift extra weight. With the help of this belt, trained athletes usually find their max weights limit go up to increase after training for one to two weeks, and that is a variety of added more weight. By using a weightlifting belt, you could gain your weight limit. But you have to do patient, don’t get greedy!

Reduce Stress on Spine

When wearing a weightlifting belt, you can increase the intra- abdominal pressure inside by over 40%. In doing so, the compression of your lower back discs decreased by 50 percent. The belt is supporting your abs, not your spine. The abdominal pressure, which is increased is, supports the spine when you lift heavyweight. The belt provides perks to your back and weight to your main lifts.

Better Body Biomechanic

As per various studies’ results, when you lift boxes, wearing a weightlift belt helps to reduce the amount of spinal extension, spinal flexion, and lateral flexion of the spine. But it also increases the amount of flexion at the knees and hips. A weightlifting belt forces you to add more weight with your legs than your back, by which your biomechanical position improves.

Last Words

As you can see that weightlifting belts offer various benefits in different workout situations while hindering lifters in others also. So, if you are serious about performing heavy lifts like deadlifts and squats, then a weightlifting belt is the best investment.