Using Electric Nail Drills: The Dos and Don’ts

Electric Nail Drills

One of the most common sights in today’s salons is an electric nail file or drill. This hi-tech tool enhances the beauty of your nails through a technically-sound shaping process.

Gadgets like an electric nail drill are one of the crucial reasons behind the steady performance of the nail care market. Such innovations contribute to the nail segment growth of 4.87% per year

So the stable nail segment performance offers several options like electric nail drills. But still, you should follow certain safe practices to get the best output from these gadgets. And this article explains some of the crucial dos and don’ts of using nail drills.  

Using Electric Nail Drills: The Dos

To use these hi-tech gadgets, you should focus on the following aspects:

  • Good hygiene
  • Speed
  • Maintenance and utility

This section divides the dos as per the three crucial parameters.

Tips to Maintain Good Hygiene

After choosing your preferred electric nail file drill, here’s how you should practise proper hygiene for safe utility:

  • Disinfect the nail bits before and after use. In addition, store the drill bits in a separate container.
  • After disinfection, ensure you dry each component of the electric nail drill. And using a clean, dry cloth or air drying are ideal options.
  • Remove dirt, dust, or debris using a separate soft toothbrush.
  • Other alternatives to the toothbrush are microfiber cloth or muslin.

These simple tips keep your gadget clean and aid in proper nail hygiene.

Tips to Vary Drill Speed Optimally

Follow these dos to use your electric nail file drill like a pro:

  • Keep the drill speed minimum while working the cuticle area. Also, exert minimum force as cuticles are thin and sensitive.
  • Use medium drill bit speed for filing backfills, and proceed with a medium rate on the concave area.
  • To shape the nail area, increase the drill speed. Also, ensure that the person availing the service is comfortable.

Overall, try to find the perfect balance of speed and force to use this gadget safely.

Maintenance and Utility Tips

Timely maintenance techniques prolong the life of electric nail drills. So here are some vital points to follow:

  • Contact a professional electrician for an annual tool check-up.
  • Scrub the drill bit with soapy water.
  • Avoid constant bending of the electric cord.
  • Remove the drill bit from the handpiece after every use.
  • Ensure centre positioning of the drill bit before use.

These five points will minimise the chances of failure, leading to the safe utilisation of the nail drill. 

Using Electric Nail Drills: The Don’ts

Here are some tips to avoid to ensure the proper functioning of your nail drill:

  • Don’t use lubricant for maintenance, as these gadgets have self-lubricating bearings.
  • Don’t immerse drill bits and handpieces in a disinfectant.
  • Avoid turning the drill in the reverse mode while moving forward.
  • Don’t keep the drill ON while changing directions.

Once you follow these precautions, using an electric nail drill becomes safe and efficient.

Remember, using a nail file drill safely is a matter of practice. And once you become familiar with all these suggestions, the care tips become a routine.

Using this nail care gadget is simple and effective. However, following tips like regular cleaning, suitable drill speed, and maintenance prolongs its service life. In the meantime, new nail drill models have self-lubricating bearings that minimise the need for a complex care process. So, explore fantastic options and buy easy-to-maintain electric nail drills to get those flawless looking nails.