Top Trends in 2022 for A Wooden Indoor Plant Stand

Wooden Indoor Plant Stand

Indoor plants stands are the pride of the homes as they uplift the aura of the spaces. They give the plants and flowers an alluring appeal. Moreover, in various studies, it’s recommended to use indoor plants as they are beneficial for mental health. Do you know indoor plants reduce air toxins? Yes, they really do it and build a soothing & relaxing environment. Moreover, getting a wooden indoor plant stand enhances the design of the space, like a cherry on top. In this article, we have added the list of top indoor plant stands that are viral in 2022 

Charming Wall Pots 

Using wall pots will surely suit and & complement the indoor plants. Moreover, customers prefer the subtle designs that look luxurious and work practically. At Bushy Box, you can have a look at the little handcrafted wall pots that you can use for different heights and enjoy the elite theme at your home. 

Apart from it, it’s up to the customer’s preference as some purchase the individual stand and some have a collection of stands, whatever they think that goes suitable in their situation. 

Actual Indoor Plant Stands 

Actual indoor plant stands refer to the containers that look like real plant stands. Unlike the ones that are highly creative and can’t be thought of like that, they can work as indoor plant stands. For instance, a long wooden stand which is easy to predict is made for holding indoor plants & flowers. You might have seen these trends in various commercial places such as beauty salons, at your office’s reception, hotels, and many more spots. These stands look aesthetics and have never gone out of fashion. 

Ladders and A-Framed Shelves 

Ladders and A-framed shelves come in various sizes and complement the indoor plants. If you are fond of having a natural garden inside your home where you have a bunch of indoor plants. Then it’s a perfect option to go for. You can keep the colorful small pots or have a theme of colorful pots to make the room look enchanting. 

Antique Styles

Some people are really fond of classic decors. They want to have a vintage look at their homes, even if it’s their inside garden room. There are a variety of options available in the market you can choose from. 

Creative Indoor Plants 

Now, this is what many people are looking for. If you are someone who wants to have a design that nobody has seen before, then it means you really need to be high on creativity. Many customers purchase the creative indoor plant stands. Let’s understand with an example: a child’s rocking chair indoor plant stand. It is a highly distinctive stand and is going to deliver a great amount of spark & pop of color inside the room. 

Cabinet Style Stand 

People keep the pots on the cabinet-style stands. They are ideal for the spacious rooms and give an illusion of furniture. However, they are the indoor plant stands to ensure that they look more astonishing.

These are the latest trends that you can implement. However, make sure that you are getting a “wooden plant stand indoor as it will render the natural appeal and make you feel that you are surrounded by nature all the time.