Top Reasons to Invest in a Waterfall Bench

Waterfall Bench

Few aesthetic breakthroughs in contemporary kitchen and bathroom design have sparked as much curiosity as the waterfall countertop. The waterfall falls vertically down the sides, producing a continuous flow to the floor, unlike a standard waterfall bench, which has a single horizontal surface that finishes at the edge of cabinets. It’s all about appearances; a means to highlight a striking material—usually natural stone—and, as you might assume, it’s expensive! So keep reading to learn more about all of the alternatives and decide if this is the correct splurge for your remodel.

What Exactly Is a Waterfall Edge?

A waterfall edge is a design feature at the end of the countertop that creates an angle of 90 degrees. Rather than finishing with a completed edge, the countertop continues down the side of the frame, table, or seating area to the floor.

The edge gets its name due to the countertop’s appearance, “pouring” off the edge like water over a cliff. Many materials can create a waterfall bench; we’ve used different types (marble, quartz, granite, travertine, etc.). There are various benefits of waterfall edge, including:

Advantages of Waterfall Edge

There are numerous design factors to consider while redesigning a kitchen. The sort of countertop you desire is a major consideration. We recommend a waterfall edge to create a gorgeous focal point in your kitchen.

A Focal Point

A waterfall edge makes a show-stopping central focus in any kitchen, and it’s no secret that it’s both gorgeous and functional.


Waterfall edges are a one-of-a-kind technique to depart from the typical hard-edge design.


The corners of most kitchens take a beating from children, dogs, and visitors. You’ll avoid scratches and scuffs because the waterfall edges are composed of a durable material that covers the corners.

A Wide Range of Options

For waterfall countertops, marble, granite, quartz, and travertine are all popular choices. On the other hand, concrete and wood have only recently joined the waterfall market. 


Wooden base cabinets are particularly easy to scratch. Belt buckles, cutlery, and chairs are all potentially dangerous. Quartz, on the other hand, is a tough substance. A quartz waterfall countertop is extremely unlikely to be scratched.

Easy to Maintain 

A kitchen countertop must be easy to clean in addition to being durable. Compared to granite, a quartz waterfall countertop can last for years without requiring any maintenance or displaying signs of wear. It’s also worth noting that a waterfall countertop is easier to clean when compared to regular countertops.

Added Storage 

Waterfall countertops conceal your cabinets, protecting them from damage and providing a lot more space. You may build with storage in mind, leaving enough space to slip stools under it while stowing away unwanted appliances and utensils.


With the help of this post, now you know all the reasons to invest in a waterfall bench. Why are you waiting? It is the perfect time to buy the best one for you. Bone & Brass also has a wide range of waterfall bench and waterfall coffee table wood. Explore the website and place your order now!