Tips for Cleaning Mobile Freezer Trailer Rental

mobile freezer trailer rental

People used to pack food in warehouses and freight carriages filled with slabs of genuine ice. Refrigeration systems have gone a long way since then. It became convenient to transport perishable goods such as dairy products, meat, and fruit across large distances thanks to the rise of mobile refrigeration units in freight trucks and cars. It’s impossible to predict what the future holds in terms of technological advancements, but it’s apparent that mobile freezer trailer rental has had a significant impact on human growth and isn’t going away anytime soon. Below you will find some good tips to clean the portable freezer.

Also, Learn What is Mobile Refrigeration?
The objective of mobile refrigeration is to provide refrigerator and freezer capacity in a movable format.

  • Trailers- These are the refrigerators and freezers that can be pulled by any regular pickup truck. They are delivered to your location and set it up for you.
  • Indoor Walk-In Rooms — A walk-in chiller or freezer is another alternative. Walk-in rooms are provided in a series of panels that can be carried in through regular doors and assembled in place.

Common Mobile Refrigeration Applications Include:

  • Wine Storage
  • Seafood Wholesale
  • Inventory Overflow Storage
  • Commercial Kitchen Remodels
  • Produce
  • Environmental & Geotechnical Projects
  • Chemical Supply & Manufacturing
  • Field Research Storage
  • Food & Beverage Distribution
  • Farming, Agriculture & Ranch Storage
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers
  • Medical, Biomedical & Pharmaceuticals

Best Tips to Clean the Portable Freezer

Step 1: At the start: Before you begin, clear out and discard any outdated food products, then move any remaining food & ingredients to a separate freezer to prevent spoilage.

Step 2: Unplug your unit: Make sure the unit is turned off and unplugged prior to cleaning any reach-in refrigerator components. It is critical that it be completely removed from any power source.

Step 3: Begin by wiping off the interior of the refrigerator or freezer: The interior should be cleaned on a regular basis with hot water and a mild detergent or soap. Too hot water, strong chemicals, & scouring pads can permanently destroy plastic interiors and cause discoloration of metal, including stainless steel. The cabinets include the racks, which can be removed and carefully washed out. A vacuum cleaner can be used to quickly remove tiny dirt.

Step 4: Sanitize surfaces: The necessity of sanitizing surfaces has been demonstrated throughout the past year. As you will be placing products back into the walk-in cooler rental units, you can apply a food-safe sanitizer to prevent germs and mold from building within your unit.

Step 5: Exterior cleaning: To remove oil, grease, stains, grime, and other debris from the exterior of your mobile fridge rental, use a damp cloth, warm water instead of hot water, and a non-abrasive cleanser or baking soda mixture. Use a stainless-steel cleaning like Wow or Super Shine on stainless steel models. Make sure to clean the door gaskets completely, as they are the portion that gets the greatest use.

Check that all cleaned parts are dry before you start filing and organizing your refrigerated units. Before restocking products, wait for the cabinet to return to food-safe temperatures once you’ve finished your usual cleaning and plugged it back in.