October 22, 2021

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There’s a New, Easier Way to Get Funding for Your E-commerce Business

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Starting a business is hard. Growing it is a lot harder. Sixty-two percent of small-business owners use personal funds to start a business or navigate financial challenges. That’s risky, but it’s also risky to take out a loan from the bank or ask family or friends for investments. You may have dreams of receiving venture capital for your potential billion-dollar idea, but only 0.05 percent of companies actually receive a venture capital investment.


So, how do you get business funding without alienating people in your life or taking on a risky loan from the bank? One innovative new option is Clearco, an investment community built by founders, for founders. Geared primarily toward e-commerce companies, Clearco understands the sweat equity that every entrepreneur has put into their business so it doesn’t take equity to help founders scale. Rather, Clearco recognizes that consumer shopping behaviors remain online and that the growth of eCommerce is still steady, so they recoup investment through a unique revenue-sharing model.

Clearco offers marketing capital to help you double down on your online ad strategy, inventory capital to help you avoid hefty upfront costs and free up cash flow, and more creative solutions to help your business find funding without sacrificing equity. That way, you can retain full control of your company while Clearco just gets a small cut of your success.

To date, Clearco has invested over $2 billion in more than 5,500 businesses in seven countries around the world. Plus, 8x more women are funded on Clearco than through traditional venture capital.

How to get business funding with Clearco.

Clearco has funding opportunities for eCommerce businesses of all sizes, starting at $10,000 topline revenue per month. You can get up to $10 million in capital within 24 hours without giving up equity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your apps to Clearco so they can measure key growth metrics like monthly revenue and ad performance.
  2. Get three tailor-made funding offers, ranging from $10,000 to $10 million in just 24 hours.
  3. Choose your repayment terms using Clearco’s unique revenue share model.
  4. Start fueling and sustaining growth with a steady stream of capital at your disposal.

Clearco never shares your data with your matches unless you explicitly consent to do so when requesting an introduction, and it uses military-grade data encryption when handling your information.

Ross Constant, CEO of Advent Clothing Ltd. says of Clearco: “Extremely professional service with a straight forward application process and a user friendly system. Alongside this there is an extremely helpful customer support team who reply to emails swiftly and are more than happy to jump onto a Zoom call to explain things in more detail. Would highly recommend these guys!”

Need some capital to get your eCommerce business funded and growing? Clearco offers an easier, smarter way to fund your business without sacrificing your hard-earned equity. Connect with Clearco today and find out how much capital you can access in as little as 24 hours.

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