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The lion is cut off the running to Weibdula, Viking Wednesday
Update: Viking people have already taken Abdulla on Wednesday, and he will continue to stay in the country.

US time on Tuesday, the official announced that the contract for the original Techman took over Bruce – Elington, cheap nfl jerseys Runwazzi Zenner, gave up the running guards Amir (Ameer) Abdullah).

Abdullah is a two-round show in the Lion in 2015. There is no more opportunity to get on this season. Grab the eyes of Kerryon Johnson and the old Lagarret Bronte shared most of the martial arts, specializing in the ball of the So Reddick, Diandick, which is divided. Offensive task. Abdullah has become incapacitated.

Abdullah is only activated, and the rush is pushed once, and the ball is pushing 18 yards. During the two weeks ago, the Board was shocked by the Boker on the game. Ironically, this may be his most impressive one this season.

But Abdullah’s rookie season shows excellent explosive power, speed and side mushroom capabilities. He first sent a 9 game, promoted 597 yards, but injuries affected his performance. He did not complete the results of a single-game winner, but Johnson did it this year.

For teams that need to be supplemented, cheap nfl jerseys Abdulla is still an excellent dual offensive weapon. The lion also tried to trade Abdullah, but failed to pay.