November 30, 2021

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The support of golfers and local residents alike is being sought to try to reverse proposals by South Ayrshire Council to close two local golf courses in Ayrshire. Thee are no doubt many other valid reasons against the proposed closure, which will be raised with South Ayrshire Council through the consultation process. Contrary to quotes made by Council leader Douglas Campbell in local press, there are a number of parks and recreational areas within walking distance in North Ayr, such as Craigie park and Northfield Park, which could be upgraded to provide additional facilities, as an alternative to closing Dalmilling facility. Clubs are crucial investments and made from top end components, but they can also be subjected to weathering effects that affect their coating. Comments can be made on the main issues document on line. The Ayrshire Golf Association Association would also encourage golfers and local residents alike to engage with this petition and add any comments they feel appropriate, to support the efforts to halt the proposed closure of the course. Anyone wishing to sign the petition. There is pursued a comprehensive quality check of the accessories before they are listed for selling.

There are a large number of golf grips on sale that are available in the market in the current times. Likewise figures quoted regarding the cost per round to the local authority for golfers playing Dalmilling are very much askew, due again to the recorded numbers using the course being significantly less than the actual usage. The existence of these clubs may be threatened by the closure of the facility, and the displacement of the club members and other golfers from the Dalmilling course to other local municipal courses is likely to create an excessive requirement for tee times at peak periods, particularly at weekends, resulting in negative interaction with other existing clubs and service users which may ultimately lead to a financial implication for the local authority with the loss of season ticket and visitor income due to the congestion on the remaining courses. In simple terms, throughout the year there are times, particularly in the evenings, when there is staff on duty to monitor the usage and ensure that the correct revenue is being collected from users at all South Ayrshire municipal courses, which would indicate that actual usage is far higher than that reported.

The nominations are not however restricted to Ayrshire Junior discount taylormade golf balls League member clubs but can be made from any club affilliated to the Ayrshire Golf Association. Documentation including the 2016 – 17 balance sheet, proposed budget for 2017 – 18, President’s Report, Finance report, Course rating report, Coaching report and Ayrshire Junior Golf League report were emailed to all member clubs recently. The draws were made at the ALGL meeting on Tuesday 7th February for the 2017 Ayrshire Junior Golf League competitions. During his time at Ayr Belleisle, Russell served on the committee and in various club positions, culminating in his election as captain in 1986 – 87. He also served as the club’s representative to The Ayrshire Junior Golf league for seven years before taking over as assistant secretary of The League in 1984, working alongside his good friend and League Secretary Iain Harvey. The Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, Barry Somerville, Billy Tait and Robin Baker respectively, were all returned unopposed for a further year. The meeting will be called upon to adopt the various reports, and also elect the Area Secretary and members of the Area Executive. If any club is not in possession of the documentation, they should contact the Area Secretary.

The golf course is one of a small number of recreational facilities in the area of North Ayr in which it is situated, and its loss would be detrimental to the sport and recreation facilities available locally to the residents and visitors alike. The impact this has on health in Ayr North is drastic as they cannot walk to a park. The loss of the facility would have a negative impact on the 7 clubs who are presently attached to the course. Included are Metal Portable , Foldable Fabric , and more. TaylorMade was born on the range at the 1978 Walt Disney World Team Championship when Adams introduced himself and three metal woods to touring pro Ron Streck. There are two courses at Disney World and a Google search for miniature golf in Orlando finds 12 more, so there’s a decent shot you might give it a try on your family’s Florida vacation. In addition, there are plenty of trophy and handicap competitions if members wish to compete.