Summer Vacation in a Small Town Is Great


Are you planning your next vacation and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you should consider skipping popular tourist destinations like New York or Los Angeles, and take the path that’s not as advertised all over the Internet. You should go somewhere you can have fun and relax, and the best place where you can achieve this is a small town. Here are just some of the reasons why you should ditch the large city vacation and opt for a summer vacation spent in a small town instead.

You’ll likely be closer to nature

Although big city skylines are beautiful, the stars certainly shine brighter away from urban life. Small towns don’t have any high-rise buildings that can obstruct your views, so you’ll surely feel a higher connection to the natural world. In fact, according to numerous studies, spending time in nature is good for both your physical and mental health. When visiting a small town, you’ll have unobstructed views all around. Since small towns don’t have huge buildings to block the environment, you can easily take in all the new sights. For example, if you take a small town vacation which is near the mountains, you’ll have the opportunity to see a gorgeous mountain backdrop. Also, if you visit a small town near the ocean or a lake, you’ll have the chance to revel in amazing views without obstruction. 

The lodging options are unique

While staying in hotels in large cities has its advantages, unique lodging options are a huge part of what makes small towns so exceptional. There are special lodging options like luxury yurts which can often be found in the middle of the woods. Unique lodging options like this one are special in terms of being isolated but having hardwood floors, fancy linens, a toilet, and a shower too. In Texas, there are plenty of lodging options, such as Sunday houses built around an outdoor yard where you can sit near an outdoor fireplace at night and talk to other guests and stare up at the stars at the same time. At present, almost one in five people in Texas are renting apartments due to its gorgeous location and economical living conditions. Fortunately, if you’re looking for the best Brownsville apartments for rent, you won’t have an issue locating the ideal option. 

Small town vacations are more affordable

When visiting a small town, you’ll immediately notice how everything is a lot more affordable, contrary to large cities. Restaurants and bars in small towns often charge half of what you’ll pay for a similar meal in a big city. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars just for a single night in a hotel room in a large city, opt for a small town vacation where you won’t spend half as much. There are activities you can do for a much more approachable price if you choose a small town vacation. For example, plenty of small towns have museums and historical exhibits which offer free entry to the public. Even if they charge for a ticket, it’s often not as expensive. Therefore, by deciding to go to a small town for a summer vacation, you’ll notice how it’s a lot easier to control your vacation budget.

The people become a part of the experience

It’s a common misconception that life in rural communities is slower. In fact, people in small towns have their jobs, responsibilities, and families, not any different than those living in large cities. While it might seem like they have more time for other people, it’s due to the fact they decide to make time for other people. What makes a small town vacation special is how you get connected to people living there, as they make you feel like dear friends, and even plan another vacation there. By talking to small towners, you’ll notice how conversations seem to flow easily, as they seem more engaged in connecting and becoming a part of your experience nearly the same as the location itself. 

You can make a difference in a small town’s economy

Many rural towns are struggling with finances, so getting visitors helps boost their economy which allows entrepreneurs and employees to make more money. It can make a big difference in a small town’s economy if you spend your money to aid in keeping the local shops, restaurants, and even farmers in business.

When pondering about the best vacation ideas for summer, you don’t have to worry as by opting for any small town, you’ll surely have a vacation you’ll always remember.