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[My first football game] Jinbao: Even if only one person, I don’t give up the football.

The first time I came into contact with the winter vacation in 2010. I was a basketball fan at the time, and I watched the NBA game every day. One day, I suddenly discovered that the football game, the super bowl: Pony VS Saints.

That game is Shao Shengqi and Guo Aibing’s understanding, although I don’t understand, there are two shots to make me very profound: one is the second half of the saints, and the two teams are rushing on the ground; the other is the nepher Pedton, just finished the horsen – Manning is the same person in wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping, Dabanning is attached back to the array & hellip;

I had a fan for this unfamiliar, but I didn’t know the little partners around him. They didn’t know that in addition, cheap china jerseys the senior high school period was heavy, so there was no comprehensive understanding of this movement.

Until I go to college, I have more time, I can see the rules of football, watch live playback. But when I chat with my classmates, they are not interested, thinking is what I mean.

Until now, friends around me can play this sport with me.

Later, I learned that the football set is more expensive. “Poverty makes me smart”, spending 80 dollars bought a football, holding a ball to go to the football field every night, throwing, I am running uncomfortable, throwing Not far, but I am happy.

Until this year, I knew that my hometown had a rugby club: Shenyang Hunter. I am a Liaoyang people, but in Jinzhou, I wanted to join after learning the Shenyang Hunter. I took a holiday. I took an hour’s train to live, Shenyang Hunter vs Tianjin black sails this is my first scene. I saw a American football game, I was deeply impressed.

Because I am still going to school, I want to wait until I graduate, join the hunter team. Some time ago, I saw Shenyang to hold a waistball game on the Internet. I have no small partner. I am signed up, I was randomized to the adult group.

My teammates are the players of Shenyang Hunter, this is # 我 第一 的 橄 赛 #, nervous, excited, look forward to. I have never played with others to play football, and I have completed my gathering at a time. When I took over, I made a straight line sprint once again, waiting for teammates to pass the ball to me.

Although it is a temporary team, we don’t give up. Moreover, although I personal level is limited, my teammates give me a big encouragement, let me continue to stick. Can participate in the football match, you can meet some hunters, I am very happy.

# I # first football game, let alone a day wholesale jerseys from china people I throw a ball, really realize the fun of the team sports, but fortunately I did not give up.