Ring Light | A Complete Guide on How to Buy For Making Videos

Ring Light

You need more than a great script and a video camera to make good videos. Lighting helps set the tone and mood of your video and makes you look good. More importantly, the ring light for the phone helps you stand out as a professional video maker and an expert in your niche. If you have good lighting, you will be able to draw in more people and sell more of your services and goods.

Keep on reading to learn about what is ring light, what are its uses, and how to choose the perfect ring light:

What is Ring Light?

According to the name, a ring light is a light in the shape of a ring. Most of the time, the light source is a circular fluorescent tube or a lot of surface-mounted LEDs.

A circular housing holds the light source, which could be a fluorescent tube or LEDs. On one side of this circle, or ring, is a control box or panel and a place to mount it. With the mounting point, you can put the light on top of a stand. The on/off switch and other electronic parts, like dimmer controls, will be on the panel.

Circular lights with fluorescent tubes get power straight from an outlet, so they work at mains voltage. LED light rings to use DC power, so they can be run by either rechargeable batteries or a DC power adapter.

What Are The Uses of Ring Light?

Many people who make digital content, like hair and beauty vloggers, now use ring lights. Many people use ring lights mirror for makeup tutorials because they give off soft, shadow-free light. Because both the camera and the ring light can get close to the subject, the viewer can see every detail of the makeup tutorial.

They are also used a lot in music videos, fashion photography, and other types of videos for fun. The way the light looks and those unique catchlights make the video look a little more glamorous.

When showing a project or product on a table, ring lights can be helpful. The light is turned 90 degrees counterclockwise, and the camera is pointed through the ring.

What Are The Things to Look for When Buying Ring Light?

➤ Size of Light:

The light from wider lights is softer. So, if everything else is the same, a bigger ring light is better for making videos. Sizes of 12, 14, and 18 inches are common, and they all work well. When you only want to hit someone in the head, the 12-inch is best. If you want to invest in big, get an 18-inch ring light because it will let you use it in more ways and give you more light.

➤ Power Options:

Having different ways to get power could be good for you. If you can plug rechargeable batteries into your light, you won’t have to worry about tripping over a cord, and you can safely use your light outside.

➤ Rotatable Ring Head or Flexible Neck:

Having the ability to turn the ring head can be very helpful, if not essential. With a ring head that can be turned, you can put the light a little above your subject and at an angle down. If the ring head can turn 90 degrees forward or backward, it can be used to light a subject that is lying down or bounce light off the ceiling.


Most people would rather have ring lights than ones with fluorescent tubes. The ring light lasts longer and doesn’t get dimmer in a way that you can see. They are also easier to move and move around than fluorescent lights. As long as you get Ring Light For The Phone with a high CRI value, you or your subject should look great.