Plastic vs. Wooden Coat Hangers: Does it Really Matter?


In the daily rut of life, seldom does one pause to ponder upon the clothes hanger in their closet. If ever, the only time one even glances upon these neglected wardrobe pieces is to quickly detach the clothing item resting on them, only to dangle them back in place. 

That being said, the material of the coat hangers is an even more far-fetched thought. But lately, if you’ve observed that your clothes frequently slip off their hangers or suffer from wear-and-tear, especially the collar and armholes, you need to double-check the hanger material. 

If it’s plastic or wire, you have the answer to your distress! Dispose of them and switch to wooden hangers. You will not regret this decision, and this guide will tell you why. 

Wooden Hangers: Sleek Aesthetics and Beyond 

If there’s one material that can look effortlessly sleek as a comb, armchair, or even a hanger, it’s wood. But since a hanger’s value extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, here are compelling reasons to switch to wooden coat hangers

They Will Increase Your Coats’ Lifespan 

Have you ever yanked a sweater out of a flimsy plastic hanger after a season only to be horrified at its misshapen look? Wait until you hang it a couple more cycles – the fabric’s weave would have stretched out, ruined beyond repair. 

Wooden hangers are not only durable (not easily bent) but also slightly curved to match the shape of the human body. 

Your clothes’ shoulder seams will rest comfortably on the hanger. So you won’t find unnecessary creases on your garments. Quite literally, as your clothes look better, they will also last longer. 

They are Much More Durable 

Speaking of durability again, plastic hangers are unfit to hold heavy weight. Just a heavy winter coat or a pair of jeans can bend or break the hanger arms. The next thing you know, is the garment sliding off the arms or hanging onto the hook for its life. 

High-quality wooden hangers are a whole different story. This is because wood is one of the sturdiest natural materials. Even over an extended time frame, wooden hangers do not warp, snap, bend, or break. 

They Act as Natural Bug and Moth Repellents 

Some occasion or season-specific clothing pieces (lace gowns or tweed jackets) are stored for extended periods. All it takes are little critters to cause holes and ruin the garment. 

Thankfully, wood is a natural repellent for bugs and moths. While your clothes remain safe from damage, you can prevent a stale smell by spraying a mist with your favourite essential oils. 

They Will Render the Ultimate Organised Look to Your Closet 

Plastic hangers often tend to tangle with each other. This creates a very messy look; long before you know it, that mess will spill into other parts of your bedroom. 

To avoid such a scenario, simply switch from a menagerie of plastic hangers to that with wooden ones. Through even spacing, the latter will keep your clothes looking new and your closet looking tidy. 

Parting Note 

Wooden coat hangers will breathe new life into your closet space whilst lasting you a long time. But for that to happen, you ought to know the dos and don’ts of maintaining them. There may be requirements for other material hangers sometimes. It is wise to choose the most suitable one based on its durability and fabric maintenance.

Finally, choose a reliable hanger supplier to ensure you receive top-quality wood. Choose the texture and colour of your preference and create the ultimate refined wardrobe!