No Stress! Tips for your Well-being at Home

Relaxed Serene Young Woman Lounge On Comfortable Sofa At Home

No matter how difficult the circumstances are – it is important that you do not forget your personal well-being! Some habits or hobbies may be difficult to implement and others may be difficult to dispense, but be creative and adapt good habits where possible and leave the bad ones behind. Here are some tips on how you can promote your health and well-being even during this extraordinary time.

Live at your own pace

You should adapt your daily routine to your own rhythm. The regularity of activities is important for body and mind (personal hygiene, cooking, playing, gardening, hiking, sleeping). Go within yourself from time to time to become aware of the benefits of all these rituals. Do them at your own pace as much as possible – no stress, no procrastination, no pressure.

Take time for yourself

Taking care of the children in this exceptional situation, preparing meals or other daily duties: the time at home may not be easy. But try to carve out a retreat – a niche all to yourself: have a siesta, read a book, take a bath or listen to music, get some fresh air or just do things … Nothing!

Maintain your social network

We are very lucky these days: we can stay in touch with our social environment at any time! While a screen can never replace real intimacy, it’s good morale to just call a friend or family member when you’re not allowed to meet up. Or how about someone you haven’t had contact with for a long time?


More than ever, physical activity remains a necessity to stay fit and sleep well. It’s even possible to exercise at home: do chores, follow a TV fitness program in front of the screen, cycle the stationary bike, climb stairs, play cat-and-mouse with the kids (sometimes more efficient than a 30-minute jogging!) and of course getting some fresh air if you get the chance – for example by going for a walk or gardening!

Work on your inner self

All your physical activities will do you no good, if you are not at peace on the inside. By peace we mean finding your Zen. Meditation etc. helps, but so does finding more about your personality, knowing your likes and dislikes can help you create a healthy atmosphere for yourself. To help you with this, there are plenty of online personality tests available like the difficult person test. We suggest you take these and learn more about yourself to achieve harmony in your life.

Sleep well!

Sleep is a vital need, both physical and psychological. It allows us to relax so that we can start the new day under the best possible conditions. During the night our body recovers, fights infections, produces hormones, the skin regenerates… In short, it works!

Eat well and healthy!

A healthy and balanced diet plays an important role in physical and mental well-being. Take the opportunity and pay more attention to it! Right now is the moment to spend quality time with your family by preparing a meal with your partner and/or the kids.


There will be moments of stress from time to time, no matter how much goodwill everyone shows. In order to avoid these situations as much as possible, it is important that you allow yourself some time out to relax. These can be relaxing activities such as reading, bathing, gardening, listening to music or playing, but also simple relaxation exercises to do at home (yoga, tai chi, meditation, mindfulness training, etc.).