October 26, 2021

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NASA Divides Its Spaceflight Department; Aims To Focus On Future Missions On Mars & Moon

After the historic success of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Mission, NASA seems to have stepped on the accelerator as they announced new changes to their existing space crew. Apart from dividing the space unit into two, the US federal space agency also created two new leadership positions to lead the respective teams.

According to NASA’s latest press release, the space agency is separating the existing Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate into two teams: Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate and Space Operations Mission Directorate. And they stated that their decision to reorganise their unit is due to the increasing number of missions in the Earth’s orbit, while they aim to accelerate with their exploration on Mars and Moon.

Confirming the same, NASA administrator Bill Nelson stated, “NASA has long set the vision for space exploration, not only for our nation but also for the world.” Furthermore, he also added, “This reorganization positions NASA and the United States for success as we venture farther out into the cosmos than ever before, all while supporting the continued commercialization of space and research on the International Space Station.”

While Jim Free returns to the space agency as the associate administrator of Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate (ESDMD), NASA has named Kathy Lueder as the associate administrator of Space Operations Mission Directorate, who will focus on the space operations in the low-Earth orbit and the International Space Station. On the other hand, Free will essay a key role in NASA’s ambitious Artemis program, in addition to the explorations on Mars.

NASA intends to focus and accelerate their future missions, and the decision to announce two separate mission directorates is their first step. While the agency may take some time to implement the changes, but the US federal space agency believes that it won’t impact any of its ongoing operations.

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