November 30, 2021

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Microsoft No Longer Needs You To Sign-In To Your Account With A Password


Microsoft has been clear in the past about its intentions of getting rid of passwords completely, in lieu of more reliable authentication methods such as biometric scans, verification codes, authetication apps and security keys. Well, the Redmond giant has now made it clear that those intentions aren’t just fluff. In fact, from now on, you no longer need a password to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Starting today, you can remove a password completely from your Microsoft account and instead sign in to the company’s services using alternative authentication methods such as Windows Hello, security keys, verification codes, or the Microsoft Authenticator app.

The Redmond tech giant says that passwords are highly susceptible to malicious attacks, as people simply reuse them across accounts or utilize simplistic formulas for creating new passwords. These are relatively easy to guess for hackers who can utilize password spray attacks and phishing to gain access to vulnerable accounts. Indeed, even the UK government recently advised the public to use unique passwords that are a combination of three random words rather than thinking up complex passwords or reusing an existing one.

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In order to go truly passwordless on your Microsoft account, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: First install the Microsoft Authenticator app and link it to your account.

Step 2: Head over to the portal here, and select Advanced Security Options > Additional Security > Passwordless Account > Turn on.

Step 3: On completion of the on-screen prompts, you will be shown a notification saying that “you have increased the security of your account and improved your sign-in experience by removing your password.”

You can reconfigure your account to use passwords if you want, but the messaging from Microsoft is clear: It really wants to kill off passwords, and soon. The change will start rolling out today and will be available to all within the next few weeks.

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