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Fifth Sweeper Sunday Night Friendship: Minnesota Viking VS Seattle Hawks
In recent years, Western Yatu Hawks and Minnesota, and the power of the Minnesota cannot be underestimated, but the fate of the two teams this season is not the same. The Hawowi has been sang in a high road, starting with the whole game. The Viking is until the game competition will defeat Houston Texas to win the season. Can the Hawks continue to remain unbeaten in this Sunday night? Is the Viking win to ensure that their season will not end in advance?

Broadcast information:

On October 12, 2020, Beijing time at 8:20 am Tencent Sports


Russell Wilson VS Kirk Coss

The four-point guards of the 2012 2012 selection have proved their outstanding strength in the past, but the situation in the season has a large phase. Russell Wilson played the slogan of “Let Russ Cook” in the first four games in the season. After the Hawks finally rely more than passing the ball attack, wholesale jerseys Wilson got more of their own passing capabilities. He has reached the number of passes of the ball this season, the success rate of passing the ball, and the four-point guardian points, each legendary promotion code number is ranked first, and he is the only one in this season to complete at least 2 times. Long biography (the ball is more than 20 yards) and wholesale jerseys for sale the four-point guard of 1 long conveyor is obtained. It can be said that Wilson is currently one of the most popular candidates of MVP this season. And in Viking, although Kirk Cousins’s PFF score is still excellent, he is not smooth in this season. At present, he passed only 6 times, but there were 6 cases of copies, part of the reason lies in the team’s offensive front lines, and it is also the command of attack tactics. Can we see causonus more excellent performance in this game, give us two excellent quadrants?

Can the Viking offensive group continue to play?

The Viking offensive group actually has no shortage players. Run Dalvin Cook This season has been put into 424 yards this season, ranked first, and he also ranked first in terms of proposing the code after causing the opponents. In the pass attack, there are additional hands Adam – ADAM THIELEN and Justin Jefferson and wholesale nfl jerseys from china the close-end Fengkell Rudolph. Among them, the show of Jefferson this season is quite bright. In the past 2 games, he completed 11 courses to get 278 yards 1 time. The Habig Fighting Group they face has extremely imbalanced performance, and the Haiying’s defenders have played strong this season. On average, only the opponent advances 75.7 yards, but their pass defenders rank alliance bottom, more Worse is the safety of the big hand introduced Jamal Adams will continue to lack. Before the game, the Viking offensive team has advanced more than 400 yards in two consecutive games. Is it possible to continue to play excellent in such a Haiying defense group?

Can the Whether the Western defensive group become the key?

In the face of Russel Wilson led the Hawks attack group, the performance of the Viking Fighting Group will be critical. Although the Viking Branch of the Viking is lost by the player’s injury and the rest of the break, they still have the level of the alliance from high-order data. But there is no doubt that under Wilson leadership, external hand Taylor-Rockte (DK-Metcalf), David Moore, David Moore, and near-end Frieng-Orha Greg Olsen’s ball combination is highly killed. Viking will need new aid Yank Nikouuo to help Pass the ball to put pressure on Wilson. In the past three games, he has obtained 4 killing. In the second line defense, Jeff Gladney and Cameron Dantzler will face severe tests. This season, Viking is poor in most basic defensive data, but they ranks second in the three-stage offensive defense and red area defensive. If it is possible to effectively curb the Eagle offensive group of the Joint League of the Red District Offensive Efficiency, then Viking may have a greater opportunity.